Will Mondo have to send us snail mail?

(Alex) #1

I recently opened a Help To Buy ISA. The bank sent me no less than three different letters through the post to tell me that they’d received a request to an account and would do so; another that they’d opened an account with these details; and and a final letter to tell me the rules and regulations of this account.

Likewise my partner has just switched from one bank to another. Between the old bank and new bank they probably sent 10 or more individual letters through the post over a two week period. The most ridiculous letter contained a single sentence confirming that Apple Pay was enabled on the account. They’re so wasteful!

Are banks required to send us this crazy amount of post or can the vast majority of it be replaced with push notifications and emails?

(Tristan Thomas) #2

As far as I know, it’s not required! Hopefully we won’t really send you much snail mail, if any – once you have your card which will come in the post, that should be about it. :slight_smile: (We also won’t just replace all of that with emails because that’s just as annoying!)