Why we close threads about account issues 🔒

Hi there :wave:

In the past week or so we’ve closed a few similar threads where people had reported issues with their account. I’d like to quickly talk about why.

The Monzo Community is a place for folks to come together and help each other get the most out of Monzo. We always welcome your ideas and feedback, and we’re certainly not short on lively debate most days :hot_pepper:

It’s also a great place to get a hand with the occasional problem you might have with Monzo. The @Coral-Crew do a great job of doing exactly this, and we’re extremely grateful for all their help and support.

But we have to draw a line at helping people with specific account issues. For all sorts of security and privacy reasons it’s only appropriate for us to communicate directly with account holders through our dedicated secure channels like email and chat. This just isn’t the right place for those kind of questions.

And it’s not helpful for anyone to have endless speculation about the specific circumstances of each issue. These threads end up just going in circles, which we specifically call out in our Code of Conduct as unwelcome here.

That’s why we close these threads as a blanket rule, and direct people back to chat. We know you all just want to help, and that’s totally in the spirit of what makes this place special.

“But I thought you were committed to transparency?!” Yes we are. But we also can’t talk about customer’s personal circumstances on the forum - as with all banks there are some things we just can’t discuss.

If you disagree, feel free to take it out on me! We don’t want to see anyone taking their frustration out on the Coral Crew or other community members. But please, keep it civil. Flag posts you think break our Code of Conduct, and don’t be offended if your posts are flagged. We’ll reject ones we disagree with :+1:

Thanks everyone! :hot_coral_heart:

P.S. If you’re trying to get in contact with Monzo support, you can always chat to us in the app - just search “support” in Help, or email us at help@monzo.com