Account Closure - 2 months notice

Hi guys,

Hope you are all well, I recently raised a Paypal dispute via Monzo because I am unable to log in to my Paypal Account. the phone number for authentication is different I can recognize it.

There was an unrecognized transaction that sent money to someone.

now after proving that it was a fraud and I received a message saying they are closing my account in 2 months.

will Monzo add cifas to my account? can I appeal the closure of my account?

Nobody on here can help you and I’m fairly certain that it explains the process in your account closure notification. In the mean time try not to jump to conclusions on why, because it could be a million things and you’ll never be told why so it’s pointless.

Have a read of your notification again and perhaps message Monzo in app if you have further questions.

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You cannot appeal.

If what you’ve said is the truth (it doesn’t make sense) then it has nothing to do with cifas.


Taking it up with Monzo via in-app chat is the only avenue you have to answer these questions I’m afraid.