Account Closure Resolved

I just want to thank Eugene at Monzo who has noe rectified this for me. It was a stressful 6 hours but my account is back up and running


Great to hear although shame it caused so much stress and concern for you.

I saw your previously thread and was not impressed with the replies. Such a shame Monzo didn’t step in earlier :frowning:


I too found the closure and comments unecessarily brusque but very glad to see you got this resolved.


Just to jump in here, we direct all specific questions about account issues to the in-app chat since we can’t help here on the forum. Since there’s nothing else to say after that we close the threads and hide them so nobody’s confused.

@Rockinthesocks I’m glad to hear you’re back up and running again. Let us know if you need anything else.


Writing as a long-time forum user: past experience.

If topics like that are left open, people will chip in with their own thoughts and ideas which may not necessarily be relevant. At best this can confuse the customer, especially when they get a response from Monzo chat (official, full view of matter and circumstances) and it is different to what posts on the forum (members of the public, from a place of no special knowledge) have led them to believe it might be.


The way I read it, Monzo is very good with their blog posts and SEO and they wish to portray a positive image.

It’s clear from this forum that some customers have a less than stellar experience of Monzo customer service. By raising their experiences here, it may detract from Monzo’s carefully curated SEO.

In the early days, Monzo came across as cuddly, caring and friendly. They’ve probably had so much investment now that their big investors are pushing to see results. Monzo continues to burn cash whilst a FinTech competitor is predicted to soon be in the black.

The last thing they need is negative experiences being highlighted here, which is why topics get closed and hidden. As, indeed, this one inevitably will.


Aside from presenting a good image as mentioned already which may well be a factor…

I actually think as a forum user, especially if they’re aiming to keep the forum as a place for people to share ideas and feedback with the aim of improving the product as much as possible, it’s actually helpful to keep it as clear as possible of threads about specific people’s individual issues. If I come on the forum to chat about what I like and don’t like about Monzo I don’t want to have to wade through a lot of individual threads about issues that should be directed to Monzo support. It doesn’t add anything for me.

I could see the value of having megathreads about certain issues of this kind where people can simply share their experiences, for other customers or potential customers to see the good and bad sides of the company. But having loads of little threads for customer support issues ends up cluttering the forum too much imo.

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Given that a FinTech competitor, maybe even the same one as alluded to by the rather cynical post above, closed their forum with the dubious reason/excuse that they could not be having threads commenting on individual cases, it does not seem to far out of bounds to field them and move on

Because they are of no use to anyone.

As mentioned above people start just start guessing what the cause was and then they get locked. Combine this with nobody on the forums (staff or customers) being able to help there is no need to have them laying around.

Hiding them also removes them from being found using the search function which would confuse people looking for answers that aren’t there. So it’s better for everyone they’re just hidden and locked.


Sorry didnt expect the topic to end up like this, I just wanted to express my gratitude but I do appreciate the support from people thanks


My post was written in a manner of fact way and was intended to be a neutral observation.

This is why the threads get closed!

Glad your issue is resolved.


It’s only a conversation not sure why you feel the need to apologise :slight_smile: Granted it has gone a little off topic but that’s pretty normal around here so don’t worry :+1:


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