AML/KYC reason to shutdown user complaints on this community


I don’t want to discuss Monzo’s AML/KYC procedures

I am seeing a number a threads being closed down very quickly and user posts flagged even when they come to this community after seemingly getting frustrated with lack of communication and updates from Monzo.

Are Monzo Leaders and Staff shutting down potentially reputation-damaging threads to keep Monzo looking like a clean no issues Bank?

I saw a thread earlier today but that has disappeared now so can’t quote that I am afraid, that user did not discuss any sort of procedures he seemed to be frustrated and came here to raise apparent lack of comms.

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We can’t tell them anything or help them


I noticed that too, it seems like any complaint thread is being closed & deleted very quickly. We’re bashing Revolut about them doing this but it’s very sad that Monzo seem to be going down the same way…


We are not doing anything of the sort. Flags will hide posts/threads. If an account is frozen, there is nothing the community can do to help.


For reference: I shared this concern too, especially re the deletion of threads. I cannot see any other reason to delete threads than to protect reputation.


We can at the very least let the user vent and leave their thread open for the sake of transparency.


Sure, but flags will auto hide it and there’s no way to stop that unfortunately.


I was actually discussing this with @alexs I this this is the thread @SC95 is talking about

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I don’t know much about the tipping off legislation. If they allow the topic to stay open on their forum and someone gave information about why it’s potentially blocked, does that make them complicit?

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I think the thread should stay visible but it be closed from future posts as the thread owner may or may not be having their account investigated. Unfortuantly It’s unfortuantly how all banks have to handle this including Monzo. They aren’t aloud to say.
Legislation defines how they handle it.


Who flags them and for what reason? If Monzo can’t discuss KYC that’s fine, they can reply with a generic “we’re not allowed to discuss KYC publicly” but leave the initial post remain, as most (all?) of them don’t contain any sensitive KYC-related information besides “I submitted documents weeks ago and still waiting” which should be left for transparency’s sake.


Multiple flags hide I thought but why is that even being flagged just send Monzo team a PM - I mean leaders could do that privately


Flags are the tried and tested way to alert to correst staff to posts.


The thing is, threads don’t just get flagged and hidden. Someone subsequently “de lists” them.

I posted in a thread yesterday, were when I now navigate to the thread (I have the url somewhere) I get “the requested resource isn’t available” or “you don’t have permission to view this thread” or something like this.

It’s not flagging leading to hiding as @HoddzDJ implied. Someone is actively delisting and deleting threads.

To clarify: I have no problem with this per se. This is Monzo’s house. They can do what they want. But don’t pretend “o, we are so transparent. We are so cool, and all friends :sunglasses:” and then hide critical stuff.


In the thread @Monza linked for example there is no sensitive information being disclosed and the person seems to be understanding of the secrecy around KYC once it’s been posted on their thread - their only complaint was about flagging & deleting the thread.

IMO that thread should’ve been left open and any sensitive information being deleted on a post-by-post basis with an explanation as to why they’re doing this.



On an unrelated note, I have rarely seen so much attention so quickly, it’s even worse than the Apple Pay thread. :joy:


This is what prompted me to start this thread - Like @anon23935806 I did not see anything other than a user being frustrated and angry because they felt Monzo have not responded properly - They even said

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There were a few instances before @nanos made that thread where the threads were closed then later de-listed by a different staff member, so I don’t know what the policy is. IMO they should be closed, but not de-listed, as allowing people to comment/ speculate without official comment or handling by staff is not helpful.

If Monzo is getting a spike in people coming onto forums to make comments like this then staff should probably come out and say what is the official procedure that they will follow :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Firstly, I think it’s obvious these sorts of users are being investigated. How many threads have we seen where a user says they haven’t had a reply, or some other issue, and a staff member apologies and takes it from there?

Yet concurrently we have some of the same type of queries that are unlisted.

The fact that many stay up with an apology is clear to me that it isn’t to protect their reputation, otherwise 100% of them would be closed.

Personally, I can only imagine it being down to their AML or other investigative policies. Like having all communication from the user in one place (for an investigation) (i.e intercom), but who knows :man_shrugging:t2:

I don’t think theres much point in speculating, anyway, as we only get a tiny piece of the story. For all we know, after a thread is delisted, the user who started the thread gets contacted with a response etc.


Also if there had been an influx of such complaint threads then there’s a good chance something is going wrong on the COps side - you can say KYC all you want but I really doubt those users are doing any kind of fraud (fraudsters would not usually draw even more attention to themselves by ranting on the forum), most likely there’s been a bug/misunderstanding the COps failed to handle properly and the user comes here to vent as a last resort.

COps being harder to scale than originally planned maybe?