What just happened?

(Danny) #1


Yeah it was same for me. Discourse doing quick maintenance?

(Michael) #3

Most of my images are broken :frowning:


(Change Works) #4

The Monzo badge has gone from the iOS Discourse app.

(Danny) #5

Ewww you actually use that?

(Harry) #6

I was signed out and the Monzo badge is broken for me (using Chrome on Windows laptop).


Apple pay being launched … :wink:

(Danny) #8

Stay on topic and stop trolling!! :rage:

Apple Pay is not coming till after USA get Monzo we all know this Trollol

(Change Works) #9

Yup. It’s no different to using Safari, really.

(Change Works) #10

I’ve got Apple Pay

Now that’s trolling :wink:

(Danny) #11

That’s why I don’t bother with it

(Sufi) #12

A lot of people seem to have lost their DP

Mostly Leaders and Monzo staff


Monzo are shutting down, this whole thing was a huge scam… :wink:

(Sufi) #14

@cookywook May have an explanation?


I got logged out

(Richard Cook) #16

Investigating now!

(Michael) #17

Does that make me a leader? :smiley:


(Danny) #18

Yeah they taking all that sweet sweet vc money and pissing off to Mexico

(Richard Cook) #19

We still don’t know what’s happened, but we’ve emailed Discourse Support to troubleshoot.


It’s only Monzo by the way, just checked Starling, working fine.