Why the current banking system is doomed

(Henry Pedro) #1

I hope its in the right section.

a doomsday scenario for banking…


(Tim Banting) #2

Er- video-enabled ATMs? Really? Do you want to discuss mortgages with an agent via an ATM? Hillarious! Haven’t legacy banks heard of :iphone:?! :laughing:

Put in decent :coffee: and high speed internet and I might go into a bank- oh wait, my local coffee shop has that…

(Allie) #3

Isn’t that exactly what ING Direct’s strategy was?

(Tim Banting) #4

It was considered by many banks. Nationwide was spending a fortune on teleprence video conferencing. The idea was that high net worth people would walk into a branch and discuss investments with online experts.

Why do I want to walk into any branch? The only time I did this was to open my account. It took an hour!

They don’t even have coin counters! I have to bag up my change and put them in plastic bags. What century are we living in?

(Valeri) #5

That said I do treat myself to a cuppa when in central and have time to kill (e.g. the Virgin Money hang out lounge).


Why don’t they just put bankers in Costa? :sunglasses:

(Brian Hunter) #7

Last time I was in Costa is was full of bankers.

I think I’m saying that right…