Why Do We Not Have An Aerial?

(Simmy) #1

Living in a modern block of flats and we have no aerial, however we must have some sort of antennae because we have terrestrial TV ?

There’s a block behind ours which does have an Aerial, is it possible we use theirs ?

(Herp Derp) #2

Maybe it is in the same place as your communal Sky dish

(Simmy) #3

No communal dish. No hook-up points. No satellite connectors. We definitely do not have a communal dish unless it’s invisible lol

(Michael) #4

Aerials can be installed within the loft space, instead of on the exterior of buildings. This might be the case?

(Steve Chandler) #5

Definitely this. My last place had a separate, blocked off, loft space in the building and that housed a massive aerial that forked off feeds to all the separate rooms in the building.

(Richard Bairwell) #6

Our aerial is in our loft space (along with a booster/splitter box - which then has a box which plugs into a ‘room’ power socket and the other part into the standard coaxial socket which somehow gets the power to the booster/splitter).