Not Allowed A Sky Dish

Why do some landlords not allow for Sky Minidishes ? Nobody was allowed one in my last place.

There are a few on my current apartment ( about half the flats have a dish ) but the other half don’t ( probably because of different landlords )

Still waiting to hear back from my landlord as to whether im allowed one or not, im guessing it will be a no though. Messaged them and called about 10 days ago and not had a reply. Can’t be that difficult to establish whether im allowed one or not !

I heard sky are going dishless soon and will be using IPTV, that hasn’t seemed to happen yet

Don’t want holes drilled through the walls for cables


On some new builds it’s in the contract that you can’t have one for x number of years. Usually whilst they’re still building/trying to flog them.


As a tenant, you don’t have the automatic right to make changes to the property you live in. The house belongs to the landlord. Most standard tenancy agreements will contain a clause that states that the tenant is not allowed to affix anything to the property without written consent of the landlord or their agents.

This is most likely because it will cause some form of damage to the property, even if installed correctly (a hole through the wall for cables and damage to brickwork for the bolts to hold the dish). It can, in some peoples opinion, damage the look of the property too which landlords would fear could reduce the rental or resale value of the property in the future.


Fair enough. Thanks guys

I don’t think I’ve ever asked permission tbh. If your building already has a bunch, I’d just go ahead and get one. Or see if a neighbour can let you use their dish. I think they can still do that - they change the LNB to a bigger one that allows more cables to run from it.

Doesn’t sound like a good idea. If the landlord comes to inspect the property i could get asked to take it down.


If you’re the worrying type, sure. I guess I prefer to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Most new builds will now have a communal dish and I have seen a lot of older buildings going down that route also.


When I rented I never risked making any changes without permission. Hopefully it’ll be ok but if not I reckon Sky over IP will be out this year.

One other thing to consider is if there is an existing communal system there, it might not be enabled for Sky Q as this uses a different LNB type (small part on the front of the satellite) meaning the dish is only going to work with the previous Sky +HD boxes :blush:

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This is very true! every block of houses and flats in my estate has communal dishes and even though it’s a new build estate they weren’t put in with Sky Q compatible dishes :roll_eyes:

Until Sky Q works outside of the UK I will not be getting it but yes LNB needs changing.

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Isn’t Sky over IP just NowTV?

No, there’s a new version sky are bringing out which is the full Sky TV service but dishless and served via the internet

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Sky should do what a few other providers have done and just release an app for Apple TV4 that has every channel on it and scrap the need for dishes and boxes.


I like your style, but it might be the thin end of the wedge :scream:

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I’d use the Sky Go app and just cast it to the TV. Saves paying for another mulitroom subscription :sunglasses:

Can’t do that on iOS


Just a heads up, this could constitute criminal damage, which is an offence. Just to balance the suggestion.