Why do 360 Cameras exist?

So, GoPro just released what is being hailed as one of the best and most accessible 360 cameras to date.

But I struggle to find the use case? Has anyone ever used one? Is there any scenario in which shooting 360 degree footage is useful?

I have to say I struggle to make sense of the image produced in 360. R-

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Two words for a use case.


Edit: Other than that, they have no use :grinning:


Sold. :joy:


Love the effect in the blind spot :joy:


The big use case is VR content creation. I had a Quest and watching fully 360 VR video was always pretty incredible.

Alas I admit they are kind of a niche product

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It’s a niche product but I can see it’s use cases. Mostly if you want to explore somewhere without actually going there. Think how many times you’ve probably used google street view, or wanted to look around a hotel room.

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orb x is a good camera - does some good shots and hides the stick it’s on which freaks me out every time in a good way :slight_smile:

I’ve got three 360⁰ cameras - one of which doubles as a VR180 (3D) camera. Initially I was using them to capture images where it benefitted from being able to look all the way around, but as I gradually dropped social media accounts, my use case changed to posting ‘tiny planet’ pictures on Instagram. However, I’ve recently realised the 360⁰ community are over-using the format and I found some so-called professional 360⁰ photographers were taking the fun out of it for me - it was just a hobby. So I’m now getting ready to sell all of my cameras and their accessories since finding a new interest in mobile photography :smiley: 360⁰ cameras are still a bit of a gimmick, but the likes of GoPro and Insta360 are great for travel and action due to the solid stabilisation and ability to capture everything around you and pick out the best bits and angles, reframing into a flat video.


For things like this…

Can be great for replays during the likes of a MotoGP race.

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They are pretty good for action filming.

They can also open up new possibilities for video production. This article explains it better than I could: