Aside from your phone, do you use a separate camera/camcorder?

I record a lot of video, and for the past few years, I’ve been using a Canon VIXIA camcorder to do so. It’s fantastic for gigs, since it has built in stereo microphones and outside noise filters. So, unlike people who for some reason record stuff at gigs on their phones and never watch it back because the audio is terrible, I’ve actually captured some perfectly usable stuff with it where you can hear what’s going on.

I’ve been looking at filming in 4K for stuff I film at home, though, and I’ve got my eye on some of the portable Sony and Panasonic stuff that’s been out in the last few years.

So… anyone here work with photos or video? What kind of equipment are you using?

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I have a Canon 650D which I take on Longer holidays with me.

It’s not particularly fancy, but has a great quality of image for when you want to grab those sweeping landscapes.

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I use a Fujifilm X100T with the telephoto adapter to give a 50mm lens equivalent. Takes lovely photos, and I prefer a 50mm lens for most shots. I still use my phone for photos here and there, anc for video (but nothing like recording gigs).

I’ve used a Canon 5D MkII for non-iPhone photo taking purposes for a while but my Christmas gift to myself this year will likely be a Sony A7iii.