Why can’t I pay certain bills from bills pot?


I cannot pay things like Amazon kindle, Voxxi or some other bills from my bills pot. When I click on the payment to add it a pop up appears to tell me I can’t add this to bills pot, and when I click ‘learn more’ it seems to want me to pay those bills from my advanced round up pot?

Any help much appreciated, as I would like all bills to come from the same place.


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Hey There :wave:

You can only pay direct debits from your pots, if youre looking to pay regular card payments youd have to set these up with the relevant virtual card in order to do this.

Are you able to give show us the screenshot of what its displaying when you try to add it to your pot?


You can’t pay card subscriptions from a pot unless you are a Plus/Premium customer.

To do this. Have a pot created, and then inside the pot tab you can create a virtual card.

You then give your merchants those virtual card details and add enough funds to the pot to be able to be processed.

If you’re a free member, only direct debits and standing orders can be “paid” from a pot.


and Scheduled payments too. Only CPA’s can’t be paid from a pot if on a ‘free’ tier.

As above, if on a paid tier then the workaround is to use a Virtual card linked to a pot. Although it’s a bit of a faff.


I have attached the two screenshots!

So basically I need to create a virtual card from within the pot to pay certain standing orders/DD’s?

That is a faff but I think I’ll need to do it to ensure all bills come from the same place!

Thanks so much!


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Yes, you are correct.

But then the next stage is to change the payment details for each and all of the standing orders/scheduled payments/direct debits and CPA’s which you wish to be paid from the Virtual Card, to be paid from the Virtual card - so change the source ‘bank account’ payment details for each service.


I have :monzoo: :heavy_plus_sign: and have my pots set up in the manner prescribed by both Dave and Carl - its a really efficient way of managing things (for me anyway)

Scheduled Payments
I use payment scheduling to keep my pots topped up/standing orders.

Direct Debits
I now have all direct debits coming out of my pots

Virtual Cards

I have a virtual card set up for each pot (you are limited to using 5 active virtual cards at a time) to pay subscriptions etc. I simply added my virtual card as payment method.

For saving I also have a x5 advance roundup pot set up that was originally intended to disincentivise buying coffees at work but now I use it to save money each month and justify all the lattes I’m buying!


Do you mean in a sense your balance goes down quicker to make it look like you have less money so less inclined to spend on unnecessary things? I need this mentality.

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@Carlo1460 Yes exactly, it works for me as I don’t look at my roundup pot until the end of each month - I spend less money but I appreciate its not for everyone.

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I may give it a go in the new year :sweat_smile:

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