Why can I only access the last 10 Customer Details when creating new invoice?

Again, I hope I’ve missed an option somewhere within the app to access a full database of the historical customers I’ve added.

This is my second month of using Monzo’s Business Banking. In the first month of course I had to create my customer database (or at least that’s what I thought I was doing).

Today I am navigating as follows: Get Paid > Create Invoice > Create a new invoice > Add Customer

At which point I am provided two options.

  1. “Add a new customer” - Understandably useful if it’s a new customer you’ve never invoiced before.
  2. A list of “Recent Customers”.

The “recent customer” list is only 10 customers long. There appears to be no way to access and use the details I know I’ve input and used for customers beyond the most recent 10. Though if I navigate to All Requests I can select an invoice where it tells me the customer is “Joe Bloggs” e.g customer number 11 - so the app knows these people exist.

I have about 20 regular monthly customers. Am I meant to ‘Add a new customer’ and spend the time re-inputting customer information that I already input a month before?

Why is the “recent customer” list teasingly limited to only 10? Clearly the capability to save customer profiles is possible. It can’t be a memory availability issue.

It’s poor that this banking app doesn’t autogenerate and populate a template email (with pdf invoice attachment) ready to send to clients. But is it true the app isn’t capable of populating an invoice with already known customer info?

How is this paid for app an improvement on me opening a Google Sheets invoice template, inputting the all the relevant customer and job details, opening Gmail and writing my own email and adding the attachment?

What part of making invoices is this app actually automating and making easier?

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The in-app support have confirmed the app can only remember the last 5-10 customers.

If it can remember some, why not all? Why such a small number?


This really sounds like Monzo Business is not for you!

You’re right, it’s not.

Though when the Monzo website explainers say:

“We’ve taken every part of getting paid and put it in your Monzo Business account. Turn hours of admin into a few taps”. Whilst generally making a big deal out of an invoice creation service.

And then you find ‘a few taps’ means input every detail you would normally input when writing your own manual invoices (except in a less flexible manner because you can’t change the reference numbers to suit your business’s own operating procedure) then I I think I can be forgiven for wondering what exactly the Monzo app is providing.