Business Banking API


I don’t have a business account yet, however, am getting close to setting up a new business…

I notice you can create Invoices in Monzo and have them sent to clients… few questions…

  1. Can they be recurring invoices?
  2. Am I able to access / add / delete etc Customers using the API?
  3. Am I able to access / add / deelte invoices via the API?


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Hey Dan :wave:

I’ll ping the business team and see if I can get these answered for you :grinning:


Thanks mate :slight_smile:

It’ll be amazing to be able to use the API to manage clients over my SaaS :grinning:

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Worth noting that signups for business accounts are currently closed for an unspecified time

I already have my invite pending ready to do :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Dan!

On the first point - At the moment, recurring invoices aren’t available unfortunately.

At the moment, the actions you’ve mentioned also aren’t currently possible from the API - however if there’s demand for this, the Business team will certainly consider this functionality. It’s still early days so watch this space :eyes:

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Thanks for the quick update @simonb :slight_smile:

I shall have to wait a bit longer then and for the time being get back to the invoice drawing board :crazy_face:


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