Monzo Business invoicing

In the invoicing system when you go to create an invoice it gives you suggestions for people you have invoices before, however this list is only about 10 previous people long. It would be great if everyone i had invoiced in the past was saved in this list and it was searchable. Currently it is not accurate at all on who I have been recently invoicing. Would be great if the most recent were kept at the top of the list as well. It would be good to also be able to add/ remove people from the list as well. It is very annoying to keep having to enter regular people in manually. Also, another great feature would be to have the ability to add a previous payment made to an invoice. For example, some people will send me a deposit for work before carried out. On the final invoice it would be great to have an option of a negative amount to represent this, stating deposit already paid. Currently I have to write it manually in the description. Entering a non whole number as well for hours that aren’t whole would be great

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I moved to Starling’s business bank and it does all the very basic and necessary things Monzo inexplicably doesn’t. It remembers your customers (all of them) and you can link it to your email address so it automatically generates an email and sends the invoice to them. Unlike Monzo you can input your own invoice numbering system too to suit your business and workflow. It’s easy to monitor ncoming payments informs you of receipt and then suggests which invoice to pair it to (and it mostly gets it right).

I’m still shocked there’s a fee to use Monzo’s business app because it’s so underdeveloped.

The only thing to note about Starlings invoicing is that they must be generated and sent via a PC/Mac computer rather than directly through the phone app. This isn’t an issue for me but could be for others.

The rest of Starlings services work fine through the phone app.

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I’ve had a quick look at Starling and it allows you to input items with a minus cost.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by the whole numbers thing but I feel this system should be flexible enough to let you do what you want. I am able to put 1.5 into the quantity box and the total reflects it properly.

It looks like this: