I’m wondering whether Monzo’s invoicing offering would suit my needs as a micro-business.

However, I can’t find anywhere a list of its actual features, or a demonstration of how it works!

Surely there should be a link from the page at to some detail about how it actually works and what it actually offers?

Am I just being blind?



You and @SteStory posted questions around invoicing at around the same time.

Perhaps you can help eachother :slight_smile: I don’t have pro otherwise I would :smiley:

Hi mate,

I’m using the invoicing. Essentially in the app, you create a new invoice, which involves you inputting the customers details, invoice date and due date and it allows you to add multiple items along with the individual costs. Then upon pressing send it sends an e-mail invoice direct to the client from their customer email you inputted, and also gives you a BCC copy.

I must say, at the moment it’s fairly basic and limited. I’ve just posted a few suggestions including the ability to customise the invoices slightly, they’re very plain and basic, nowhere to add branding or custom text, nor is there the ability to add free items as £0 cost, which i sometimes included on invoices at present.

You can see a list of previous invoices in the app. The invoice automatically includes a generated invoice number, and when somebody pays the correct amount using the reference number it will automatically mark it as paid. You can also mark them as paid or void manually. It would be good to fully delete invoices if they’re sent erroneously, rather than merely mark them void, but that isn’t available yet either.

Anything else you wanna know give me a shout.


Thanks Stephen! I do have one question – is it straightforward to “autofill” details of a customer who has been previously invoiced?


No as far as I can tell you can’t do that.

Thats one of the suggestions i posted here earlier:

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I have found the invoicing feature to be really hard to use. It would be great if it had more features, such as:

  • Ability to add our business logo, I am a designer and having my branding on invoices is very important.
  • Being able to save Clients details would be so useful. I have lots of repeat clients and inputting their details every time is very laborious, especially checking I have all the details right each time and cross referencing them between 2 apps on a phone takes a long time.
  • Being able to autofill clients details from the registered companies database would be hugely beneficial and slick.
  • The ability to add a note would be really helpful, for special instructions and important information specifically for certain clients.
  • I’m not sure if you can right now but I cannot find a way to edit/correct invoice details once I have saved a draft invoice. I would also like to preview the invoice before I send it, which I cannot find a way to do at the moment.
  • The ability to save and send Invoices as PDF, so I can store them on my computer/cloud and give the client the option to receive them as a document.
  • Have the ability to pay with a ‘pay’ button on the invoice. It could perhaps work using or take you to a payment portal where you can pay the invoice easily.
  • Ability to save templates for different situations e.g. a template for international clients might need to be different than for local clients, or a template for a different service you provide which needs different details.

Would love to share more ideas or talk in more detail about these ideas :grin:

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All very very good suggestions @dalsim

Would be great to hear from someone if any improvements and movement on the (at the moment) very basic invoicing feature are planned?

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Thanks @SteStory. Yes, an update from Monzo would be really helpful. I only recently signed up to Monzo. After trying for a long time to find details of all their features and how they are implemented and not fining much, I decided to sign up but some of the features I want to use most (like invoicing, PDF receipt attachment) are too basic or hard work to justify switching over. I really hope they have plans to improve them because Monzo Business looks like an ideal solution.

In my opinion the Monzo Business Invoice system needs an API…

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This is definitely something that needs improvement

Just some detailed documentation of such a feature would be nice.

I’ve said somewhere here before, but the moment that features are extended to become actual software that isn’t core banking, then it could operate in all sorts of ways and you need detailed information pre-sign up - especially when this costs money. Based on information available now, I have no idea how customisable it is, how deep the integrations go beyond Monzo, issuance behaviour etc.

I’d quite like invoicing directly integrated to my bank but I’m certainly not signing up based on the information currently available.

A really good help centre or knowledge base needs to be provided for Business given the route Monzo are taking with this.

Back to invoicing after the whole lockdown situation pretty much halted by need to do so and despite some minor changes to the invoicing it’s still horrendous.

I’ve been using it since day 1 and had been putting up with it due to it being a beta product.

Now business banking is very much something that Monzo offers so how is the invoicing still so awful?

The issues I have (on Android):
No saving of any customer details or other frequently added information.
The screen doesn’t scroll when the keyboard appears so I’m often typing into covered boxes.
There are some odd bugs around removing/editing items where an old item will appear/the item cannot be deleted.
Items cannot be given quantities.
The back button cancels out the whole process without so much as a “are you sure you want to scrap all of this, maybe you want to save as a draft?”

There are other things too but they’re all the things that I’d expect to have been fixed through testing before full release.

Easy payment is a must-have as it should be seamless to the customer. Wave uses stripe, but maybe Monzo could come up with more creative / cheaper ways to pay.

There should be an option to choose applicable means of payment for each transaction/client.

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