Apple officially cancels AirPower




Lucky I didn’t buy that wireless AirPods case then eh.

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After the much delayed release of AirPods with wireless charging, which have pictures of AirPower on the box (!!!) I thought AirPower was surely just around the corner now. And just like that, it’s gone forever.

That saves me buying airpods and airpower then.

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I remember a “friend” of mine said he “pre ordered it”, I KNEW Apple couldn’t pull this together. I love their products but they do overhype.

Oh man, I was looking forward to it :cry:

Darn. I just wanted a large surface to charge my watch on instead of fiddling with the “puck”. Charging my phone and possible future airpods would be a bonus.

Wireless chargers do exist :smile:

I can see the challenge they have, a charging pad that will charge more than one device at the same time, is good, and doesn’t require the precise placement of each devices just right. No ones done it.

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If you are interested in wireless charging try this out, my friend got it and he seems to like it

Charges the phone, watch and airpods

Dropping a YouTube video too, give it a watch you might like it

I’ve seen that one before but cannot find a UK website selling it.

Use your Monzo to order it :smirk:, with VAT and import duty it still works out cheaper than what airpower would’ve cost originally around $200

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I would hope it would be cheaper than whatever AirPower was rumoured to cost, because despite charging 3 devices at once it’s not really the same thing lol.
I’ll check it out :blush:

Could it be an April Fools from Apple? I’ve read some people saying it could be.

It’s March, and Apple has never done an April Fool’s joke.

It’s nearly the 1st April, and all because April has never done one doesn’t mean they will never. They could come out on Monday with AirPower - you never know!

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Oh no. I’m not majorly upset but would have been cool to have tried once.

That would be the April fool :joy:

I’ve just backed this. Got to wait until June but seems pretty good for £60

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