Who's looking forward to Ready Player One?

We saw Red Sparrow last night, enjoyed it, but really excited about the trailer for Ready Player One.

It’s up there in my all time favourite books, along with the Martian.

What are your favs?


If you’re a Cineworld Unlimited member there is an Unlimited screening on March 19th too.


I haven’t read the book but they filmed loads of it here in Birmingham. Some people I know saw Spielberg wandering around in Digbeth where they filmed it.

Seems to be a growing trend - quite a bit of American Assassin was filmed here too, and I managed to get a gig as an extra in a few scenes with Taylor Kitsch. Haven’t watched it yet so no idea if you can see me in it!

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They live in stacked portacabins… sounds like Birmingham to me :smiling_imp:


I read the book, although I was too uncultured to understand many of the references! Hope the film does it justice :slight_smile:

I saw it and I LOVED it.

It did briefly take me out of the immersive experience every time I saw a shot of streets I walk down all the time in Digbeth, Birmingham though :joy:

But overall I thought it was a fantastic movie.

Frankly, when the movie opened with “Jump” by Van Halen, I was sold there and then. And “I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Prince was in there too!

Was absolutely blown away by the complete re-creation of “The Shining” set. That was insane.


Your last spoiler makes me want to see it even more, but i’ll have to wait til it’s on Sky :frowning:

I loved it too, even if they did have to leave out huge chunks of the book to keep the length under control!

I saw it in 3-D on the local iMax screen. Mostly just a gimmick but occasionally the 3-D animation kicked in and you got sucked into the screen!

Agree re the Shining, amazing scene.

Bonus was that my gf who is not in the least geeky loved it too.

Anyone seen this film, any good ?

Yep loved it!

Thought it was brilliant - went and saw it twice in the cinema! Highly recommend!

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