Jumanji : Welcome To The Jungle

Just saw this a few days ago, did anyone else catch it yet? I thought it was great - well placed, hilarious and built upon the mythology of the original movie really well :slight_smile:

Watched it a few days ago, I enjoyed it, very funny! I like all the actors which helped, Kevin Hart cracks me up :joy:

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But where was the rest of him?!

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It’s on my list of things to watch but with limited time for Cinema trips I’ve got to be pretty picky. I’ll watch pretty much anything with The Rock in it, he’s just fun to see on screen.


Agreed, The Rock is awesome!


Wow, surprised by this a lot! Pleasantly though!

I had a very pessimistic view of the movie from the trailers I saw

I found this film absolutely hilarious, I was a little sad that Kevin Hart just played Kevin Hart though whereas the other actors made a much bigger effort to represent their… Inner character?

If nothing else, it’s a must watch for Jack Black playing a convincing teenage girl


Jack Black stole the show, especially in that boner scene

I’ll have to go and watch it, but the cinema is so expensive and I’ve got about 2 or 3 shows I already want to watch this month :frowning:

I also don’t have anyone to attend with me, but that’s not put me off before :wink:


If you’re seeing that many regularly then an unlimited card is your best bet. I used to have one, if I didn’t have kids I still would. I’d go see anything on the off chance because it didn’t really cost me anything in the grand scheme of things

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Was about to say the same thing. I use mine a lot!

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5 in one day is my best yet. Great day.

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I’ve not managed that many as yet… challenge accepted though.

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Had a gap between the last two so went for a bit of The Skin I Live In because it was great and I wanted to push the box office up a little bit.


Unlimited card? What’s that?

I should mention that in my home town, the only cinema for a lot of miles is a Vue, and in Ilford, I always go to the Vue in Romford because the local cinema (Cineworld) isn’t the best…

Well if you don’t like the cineworld then

Is probably not going to help. I don’t think Vue offer that sort of thing. I think odeon might.

Yeah Odeon do a scheme along with Cineworld. Not seen one for Vue though.

Edit: I saw that reply.

Yeah I saw it in Germany, was much better than expected (don’t know if the low expectation had anything to do with it) :laughing: Also agreed that Kevin Hart was just being himself rather than the kid, but it was enjoyable nonetheless :sweat_smile:

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