Baby Driver

(Ben) #1

So who here has seen it? I saw it about a week ago and was blown away. Absolutely love Edgar Wright, easily one of my favourite directors out there.


Absolutely amazing film. I was grinning like a loon from start to finish.

(Ben) #3

One of few films where I immediately want to rewatch it! Have been listening to the soundtrack non stop too!

(Emilia Todorova) #4

Loved it! Especially loving the soundtrack and how the film seemed to be built around the music rather than the other way around!

(Ben) #5

I’m not sure how true it is, but I read that the actors all had ear pieces to listen to the track while they were acting so they could try and time their movements to the song! Sounds pretty believeable.


I went to see this at the weekend. After hearing all the hype I left underwhelmed to be honest. While it was good and I did enjoy it, I wasn’t wowed by it.

Maybe I need to go see it again…

(Ben) #7

Hey it’s not going to be for everyone! I liked it more because I liked all of his previous films, I also thoroughly enjoyed the cast, music and the cinematography. The little things like no CGI on the car scenes too!
Sometimes things are better on a second watch though. :slight_smile:


I really want to go again. Not sure if they’re still showing at the Broadway in Letchworth. Felt good seeing it there as that’s where they filmed part of Worlds End.

(Ben) #9

That’s pretty neat! I definitely want to see it again, I’d quite like to watch the whole trilogy of films too.
I don’t really want them to do a Baby’s Driver sequel however, I think it would ruin how special and refreshing this one felt.
I’m assuming you’ve watched Spaced?


I like how his films are one offs. I’d be surprised if he did a sequel. Maybe even disappointed.
Big fan of spaced. Tempted to watch it again as it’s been a while.

(Ben) #11

Yeah I’d be a bit let down. It would be a conflict that’s for sure. This film however is probably going to really kickstart his Hollywood career.
I rewatched Spaced a few months ago - so so so good.
I’m not quite sure what other type of film I’d like to see him tactical. Perhaps a pure horror film would be enjoyable. Whatever he brings out I’ll watch anyway!


It’s a shame we didn’t see his version of Ant-Man. It did give us Baby Driver though.
I’d love to see him take on a western or a sci-fi epic.

(Ben) #13

I don’t know why but I only see Edgar Wright doing originally written stuff, I don’t see him taking on other people’s work if that makes sense?
I could see him create his own super hero movie but I’m glad he isn’t directing something that has a strict canon to follow (especially with probable overbearing executives!)
His next film is an animation with David’s Walliams.
Yes either of those would be good, also contrary to my own statement he’d probably nail doing a Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy movie ha.