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As an avid movie watcher I thought it may be nice to have a space to discuss movies coming to cinema and stuff you’ve just been to see.

(I tried looking but couldn’t find a suitable thread?)

Try to keep it spoiler free…and maybe a score out of ten might be nice!

I’ll kick us off, just got back from Alita: Battle Angel, which I wasn’t expecting a great deal from. I was wrong. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a tiny bit cheesy in places, but overall it’s a brilliant story and is definitely imo worth a trip to your cinema.

I watched it in 3D and I would probably advise you to save your money, it wasn’t that great of a 3D render.


Mary Queen of Scots on Thursday

Beautifully made and acted. Pleased that I recognised some of the supporting actors all garbed (and haired) up

As compared to my reading of the trailer, it was very serious and straight down the line. Was hoping for at least some attempts at dark humour as it ended up pretty heavy going as a result



My friend and I went to cinema last weekend, originally we was going to see this but switched last minute to see Stan & Ollie. I’m glad we did as your description doesn’t make it seem like something you should watch at 11:30am!

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Instant Family

Watched it yesterday, somehow there was a lot of dust in the cinema which seemed to make water come out of my eyes :eyes: Great film, really well done and based on a true story. It hits you in all the feels and has some great laughs. Well worth a watch!

Currently participating in the #100FilmsIn2019 challenge on Twitter. Check it out if you want.


Saw that too! Recognised Mia from Humans in QE1 court but did not recognise David Tennant at all. Read the reviews after about how bad it was historically but I enjoyed it.

Them? Your eyes?

I recommend Boy Erased

It’s based on a true story (Book = Boy Erased: A Memoir) and is kinda of a coming-of-age story in a sense but is very much overshadowed by the effects of conversion “therapy” (that’s what it’s largely about!) on the protagonist but also others.

It’s a very well produced film :slight_smile:


My nearest showing is 60 miles away, which is frankly crazy. I’ll have to wait for Netflix.

We was the last capital of culture!

Went to see Vice last week - it’s basically a character assassination of Dick Cheney but it’s very well made and an interesting mix of shocking and very funny.

It’s one of those slick films like The Big Short or The American Hustle where the fourth wall goes, and you have one guy looking at the camera narrating the story. But it works really well - and Christian Bale is just brilliant.

Watched Alita in 4DX and really enjoyed the action scenes. As you mentioned though, the 3D did ghost in parts but that’s to be expected on converted 3D.

Converted? But I’m sure I read that Alita was shot in 3D.

I thought Vice was again very well made and acted, but maybe lacking a little something to really push it over the edge

Maybe it again needed a bit more chance to relate to some/any of the characters and a bit more zip

I am thinking of In The Loop and Death of Stalin for what it could have been, but maybe that is the Brit/Armando Iannucci ultra in me

I stand corrected.
Maybe our projector(s) were out of focus.
I’ll have to try it in IMAX if it returns to the screen.

Thoroughly recommend Glass, especially if you have already experienced Unbreakable and Split !!

Some great performances in there :grin:

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I saw Glass a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I appreciated the ending more for not having the scripted superhero finish and half of a city being destroyed. Very clever.

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