Who wants a free Google Home Mini?

(Simon B) #1

All you need is a Spotify family plan :wink:

(Simmy) #2

I dont get all these silly " Speak-to-device " things.
If I want to play music i’ll use my TV or my Sky box, If i want to turn the lights down i’ll get up and turn them down, If i want to google something i’ll get my phone out.

Call me scrooge but i don’t get the fuss with Alexa, Siri, Google Home and all these silly sausages

(Starling Guru) #3

How long do you have to keep spotify for to qualify?

(Nick) #4

Looking at the terms, I can’t see any minimum account holding period needed. However:

it clearly states that you get the free Google Home Mini by redeeming a code, and that the number of codes is limited - there’s a date for the offer to end but it will end earlier if the codes run out.

Therefore it’s possible that you’ll sign up for the account and then find you can no longer redeem the offer.

If anyone else reads the T+Cs differently from me (that is, I’m wrong), I’ll amend this post as soon as I’m aware. But as it is now is how I understand it.


I just claimed one – had a Spotify family plan for years – all you have to do is click a button and then they email you a code, which you can use to checkout immediately. As far as I can tell, there’s no reason you couldn’t cancel your Spotify Family plan immediately after redeeming your code as the redemption is handled separately through the Google store.


I only really use 3 commands with my Alexa devices

  1. Play the latest news
  2. Play [name of radio station or artist or album]
  3. Set timer for [x minutes]

I’ve never really been interested in integrating with other smart home devices like smart light bulbs. Also often prefer controlling music through an app rather than voice.

However, in spite of my limited set of use cases I still like having voice controlled speakers in my bedroom (I try to avoid keeping my phone on my bedside table) and in the kitchen (hands often not in a state to handle a phone). For the one in the kitchen, I like having one with a screen (I use Echo Show) so I can see the timers. I don’t bother with one in my living room though.

(Nick) #7

Of your list, our Alexa devices are mostly used for 2 and 3. I do have the lounge lights connected with smart plugs so Alexa can turn them on, but that’s largely because before Alexa they were a bit fiddly to use (switches mostly behind furniture), so Alexa has actually helped there (though the main driver behind purchasing the smartplugs was for using as timers rather than Alexa integration).

One I’d add to your list, especially for the device in the kitchen - asking Alexa to convert measurements. A lifesaver so many times, especially when trying to scale a recipe as well as converting to an understandable measurement.

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(Ravi) #8

I’d be listening to music on my Home before you’d even got hold of your remote, let alone turned your TV on! :wink:

Ordered mine at 12, had shipped by 4.

(Starling Guru) #9

Alexa, turn on TV.

All done before I have even taken my coat off, sat down and found the controls :joy_cat:

(Michael) #10

Awesome. Just applied for mine, and it’s in the post on the way!

Always wanted to try Google Home, and now’s the chance.

Cheers @simonb

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(Starling Guru) #11

Did the money come out straight away and did you see anything about cancelling after getting the Google Home?

(Michael) #12

I already have a family membership.

The total invoice from Google was £0.


Win. Thanks!

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You get the link to order your Mini straight away,.

You pay the £14.99 to spotify, then order the Mini from Google.

Once you get the Mini just cancel your Spotify, you could probably cancel straight away, but I personally wouldn’t risk that, in case they then cancel your Mini order, but they can’t when you have got it, and the terms don’t state a minimum period.


I’m a member of a family plan. Logged in and claimed it, thanks fam! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Richard) #16

Brilliant. Claimed.

Now lets see whether it is actually better than the Alexa :wink:

Thanks @simonb

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(Jon Moss) #17

Thanks for the heads up @simonb :slight_smile:

Just upgraded to Family but not received the link yet… apparently, an email is coming when the device is available. It has said it is reserved though.

Did anyone else see that?

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@jmoss I followed this link: https://www.spotify.com/uk/family, clicked get started, logged in with my main family account and it proceeded to let me buy it from there.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #19

Booooooooo! :-1:

:sob: :sob: :sob:

(Jon Moss) #20

Thanks @Tunny Chris. This is what appeared for me…