Google Home on offer for £69 (usually £129)

(Simon B) #1

If anyone was looking to pull the trigger, now would be the time.
Given that the the Home Mini generally retails for only slightly less, this is a great deal.

I have every product in the Google Home Family: This one, the Mini, the Max and the Hub.

This one (the original Home) is the solid, reliable mid-ranger. It picks up sound very well and has impressive sound quality. It’s not an audiophile device, but it’s well suited for music.


I’ve seen a ton of offers on these devices recently -
Must be gearing up for a new range soon (although hard to imagine the new ones will be a massive step up).

(Simon B) #3

How are you getting along with yours?

(Splodf) #4

Mine is sat under my desk off. I never use it. Just don’t see any value or use for it.


I’ve not used it at all - It’s simply listening in to all my office conversations :joy:

I really got it to “see what it was like” - Being an Apple house, the one mini doesn’t really fit in.

It’s definitely the best assistant I’ve used - If it played nice with Apple Music, I’d buy the bigger version!

But… my house has yet to adopt the whole voice assistant thing - Opting to use the apps to control the various smart things instead (possibly cause Siri is just so bad, it’s much quicker to use the apps!)

I may end up getting the HomePod for music alone, but I don’t see any more “assistant speakers” being used for the assistant side of things!

(Starling Guru) #6

I am happy with the mini, don’t think I would get this.

Was looking at the Home Hub but Alexa Show has a bigger screen.

(Simon B) #7

Lenovo make a Google Assistant hub with a 10" screen. There’s rumors that Google will do a Home Hub Max soon as well.

(Simon B) #8

This is rumoured to be on the cards. Might well get announced at Google I/O next month.

(Starling Guru) #9

8" is £159 direct

Gonna have a butchers

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(Starling Guru) #10

I think it is on Alexa now as well (or very soon) although would sound better on Google which is why I like the mini, sound on the dot is crap lol

(Simon B) #11

Check John Lewis. I am positive I saw an 8" Lenovo hub on offer there recently, might have been £30 off the RRP.

(Rachel Raybould) #12

I have one. It sits unplugged in the office room… She kept speaking to me randomly for no reason what so ever.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #13

They’re the same price in Argos so for those impatient like me, you can click and collect to save waiting for delivery :smiley:

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(Ravi) #14

Can’t be bothered to start a new thread but the Pixel 3 is down to £489 at John Lewis.

(Jack) #15

I know someone looking to get one of these! Great price. Thanks for sharing.

(Michael) #16

Have a “free” one I got bundled in with my Pixelbook last year

Convinced me that it is a worthy addition to a household

Just bought another in this deal from John Lewis :slight_smile:

(Dan Mullen) #17

Max in the living room.
Hub and Home in the kitchen.
Home in the master bedroom.
6 x Mini in dining room, study, hall and other bedrooms.

£69 for the original Home is a bargain! Shame I have nowhere to put it :joy:

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(Dan Mullen) #18

Incidentally, Nest Cams and Thermostats are also on offer.

(Brandon Billingham) #19

Have the mini. What are most people using theirs for?

(Brian Hunter) #20
    1. Nice…
  1. I have mine down to my mum, currently my tiny flat is decked out with 2 home hubs and a mini. Love these devices. I’d have my whole home voice activated if it was possible.