Who has all their eggs in one basket!

Whos full Monzo here in the community?
[Edit: Monzo being your main, and only bank account]

Is it true what they all say, are we really limiting our financial future?

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What do you mean by full Monzo?

Monzo as your only account or main account?

Monzo being your only account :slight_smile: :monzo: :monzocard:

I would say full Monzo means Monzo as your main not only account.

No I would never have a single bank account with any bank (or even payment type i.e. Visa)


I have many, many baskets.

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I have many baskets, many eggs - and several alternative carrying devices just to be on the safe side.


I have slightly less baskets than there are threads asking this question.


Yes, deja vu is a regular vibe on this forum


Monzo is my main bank account, including joint and business accounts. But also have legacy bank current account, credit/charge cards across all 3 networks, plus a Starling account for cheque imaging and a linked Starling shopping card for mum.

Not a problem if a bank or a card network goes down.

I’d never limit myself to a single bank or card network. They all have problems from time to time.


I have slightly more baskets than eggs. Can’t be too careful!


We are - what I regard as - full Monzo and have been for almost 2 years.

We operate from a :monzo: Joint account which is the hub of everything, all incomes, all bills/outgoings.

We also have several legacy bank accounts between us (with only ‘emergency’ balances) and a few credit cards too.



I’m full on Monzo. Personal, Joint & Business accounts. No other bank accounts. The only thing that irritates me (immensely) is cheque processing.

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Which came first, the basket or the egg?


I used to be. Shifted my salary over to Starling after last month’s announcements. I have a joint still and will continue to for the foreseeable future but I’d close my personal if I could.

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Which announcement. The financial one?

It was a combination of that ( think that was two months ago) It was also the changes to the current account terms for when you’ll be charged for accessing cash.

People will disagree with me because it doesn’t impact me but I am of the opinion nobody should ever be charged to access their own money. If I was to ever fall into hard times, I shouldn’t have to justify why I should be able to access my own cash from my bank.

So yeah more about the principle than anything.


I have everything coming in and going out with monzo , with a high street bank sitting idle if for any reason i may require it.


That’s the simplest, safest solution. I’d stick with that. Diversify all you like - but don’t paint yourself into a corner. :grinning::+1:


Pretty much myself, but have a Starling account standing by in-case.

All my wages, bills & small amount of savings are in Monzo. Still have my nationwide account open to access the Flex benefits and also my ISA is with them.

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