Should I stay Full Monzo

Im not one for jumping on the same train as everyone else, i have seen alot of negativity towards Monzo and have noticed even when i have tried to get help from Monzo the customer service is next to non.

Im really enjoying Monzo, i have Monzo Plus and i have a Loan with Monzo but im not sure whether i should open an account with a legacy bank (EG: my credit card providor Barclays) or should i stay Full Monzo and not have something to fall back on?

Im sure im most likely going to be fine with Monzo going forward but im not sure if i should have a fall-back just in case.

there’s a saying never have all your eggs in one basket, have another account just for backup, remember a bank have the right to close your account if they want


Only you can make that decision on what fits in your circumstances, I wouldn’t let other people’s negatively affect any decisions

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The most important point here is, always have a backup bank account, preferably a legacy bank.

By all means keep your Monzo account as your primary one - just have an alternative means of payment (just in case).

So - that’s a yes. :blush:


Even before fintech banks were a thing I had 2 traditional bank accounts just in case of issues with one.
Monzo is my main but I didn’t close my old accounts (reminds me I need to get rid of one).

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And a reminder for those with a spare Starling account. If you close it, you’ll not get back in for at least a year. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Wouldn’t be a great loss with their UI. In a years time they may even have a app style from the sci-fi movies of the late 2000’s rather than the late 90’s movie computer UI screen look right now :rofl:

I was actually referring to a very very old kids account I recalled I actually still have open.


I think even many of those at Monzo cult level would have an account open elsewhere - Monzo has been known to fail every now and again just like the other banks have so it’s pretty much a no-brainer to keep one open with a bit of cash in it on the off chance something happens.

Keep using. Give Monzo time to improve.
You think Barclays support will be better?! No… from my experience.

Full Monzo doesn’t mean only Monzo.

To me, it means that Monzo is your main account.


Personally, I’m staying. Have 100% trust in Monzo, I have a spare starling for other bits and bobs. I wouldn’t touch any high street bank with a barge pole! Ignore all the negative, otherwise we’d never get anywhere listening to it.


I recommend having a back-up account.

For me, Monzo is my main account. Income in, bills out.

I have a legacy bank that was opened for their regular saver, and keep a small balance in there, ÂŁ100, I said small :wink:, in case I have an issue with my main account and need a little cash to tide me over.

Always have a back-up plan.

Even my savings are in several accounts so that I always have access to some of it.


It’s as simple as this :point_up:t4:


Really good replies from everyone this morning. Thanks for your thoughts and opinions :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:


To get rid of it, don’t just close it, -switch it to Lloyds or Royal Bank of Scotland, both of which will give you £100 at the moment.


Your points a bit contradictory do you not think? if you had 100% trust in monzo you wouldnt have a starling account also.

So going by your own accord @Stevemind you should agree that he should have some form of other account as a back up :slight_smile:

But yes I also agree with everyone else, doesnt do any harm having another account with a bank if needed. I have a bank with one of my legacys and a starling one personally just in case i need to deposit cash or things like that

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That doesn’t follow. Having full trust in Monzo doesn’t lead to reliance on one account. Having a backup account is good practice. If that backup account is a fellow startup, you also get to watch both develop.


I have 100% trust in Monzo. I still have a Lloyds account too.


So lets say you have 99.9% trust then.

Because if you have 100% trust in something you shouldnt have the need or want to get a backup.

I agree with you its good practice but by the very nature of having a “backup” youre preparing for your trust to be broken in the unlikeliest of scenarios

What about if I lose my card? What about if Mastercard goes down?

These things are out of Monzo’s control, and doesn’t impact my trust of them, I’m just balancing my risk.