Anybody like root beer?

I do, and its bloody expensive lol
In Asda it’s 4 bottles for £3.75


Never tried it. What does it taste like?



On the ingredients it says Vanilla, Ginger, Liquorice

It tastes like peptac/pepta bismol ( the heartburn meds )

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You’re not doing a good job of persuading me by comparing it to that :grin:


I like root beer!

Mmmm A&W is the best :heart_eyes:

Yep, I do and actually just finished a bottle of Bundaberg Root Beer. Contains Sarsaparilla, vanilla, ginger and liquorice. Bundaberg is one of the better ones, A+W is quite nice but can be harder to get hold of.

I remember the times when McDonalds in the UK used to sell root beer… sigh.

Root beer float anyone? That’s with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the heathens that don’t know…


I like Barqs and A&W but not real root beer that actually tastes like root beer. That stuff is gross.

Where’s the cheapest place for root beer in the UK ?

I went in-store Asda the other day and picked up 4 bottles for £3.75, then realised after that they also stock 6 cans for £1.50 which is a bargain

12 cans for £3.50 :smiley:

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Ah, but that’s just stuff that tastes like Root Beer. Looking on Asda’s website the Bundaberg Root Beer looks like its the real deal. Aldi also usually sell bottles of root beer flavour when they have American Style soda’s in stock in the summer.

I had a real one in a restaurant round the back of the Oracle in Reading a couple of years back, the ones I’ve had since have all been the faux ones. It does taste like cough medicine but it’s not actually an unpleasant taste. Some say it’s reminiscent of Dandelion and Burdock (which I can’t stand).


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Don’t you dare diss Dandelion and Burdock :joy:

Root beer reminded me of Cherry Coke.

Oooh I love cherry coke


Cherry Coke seems to be getting rarer… The shoddy replacement “No Sugar” variants are very prominent in Morrisons and Tesco :frowning:

But normal Cherry Coke is the best drink in the world :heart_eyes::cherries:


It tastes like cough medicine for me :smiley:


I like Cherry Pepsi Max, but in Toby Carvery you can get it made with Teisseire syrups which create a more natural taste IMHO :cherries: