Alcohol Free Beer

Anyone tried it ? Had some recently and quite impressed

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The hieneken one was being handed out for free in King’s Cross so thought why not.

I was actually pretty impressed with it for an alcohol free beer and would recommend it to someone looking for one

I mean water is nice


The power of marketing eh? R-

You could go the opposite way. Drink vodka. Beer free alcohol :joy::joy:


Big Drop Brew beers all the way. Tried at London Craft Beer Festival. I drink a lot of different craft beer and what these guys are producing is outstanding. Very very tasty AF beers, most you couldn’t even tell you was drinking and AF beer. Not one of them I could fault.
So much so, I hunted them down and bought some.


Had to have a booze-free evening recently due to circumstances. I’ve tried various booze-free-brews over time and thought they were more ‘eww’ than ‘brew’

This was the first time I’d tried the San Miguel zero alcohol and was very impressed. Weird to drive home after 8 or 9 bottles though!

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They all seem to say " Contains no more than 0.05% alcohol "

Is this just to cover their backs incase there is a tiny bit of alcohol in it still ?

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Yep - I don’t drink anymore, apart from alcohol free.

Tastes the same (IMHO) and is significantly better in terms of calories etc

Erdinger Alkoholfrie and BrewDog Nanny State stand out for me

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I think that’s more to do with the fact that some people are actually allergic to alcohol, so even a small amount could have an adverse effect

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What about getting ID’d ?

Earlier in Tesco, two of the staff were unsure whether to ask for ID? I managed to get some anyway without ID

non-alcoholic beer tastes like liquid sadness.


Drinks under 0.5% aren’t legally considered alcohol, so do not need ID, as they do not fall under the Licencing Act 2003.

ID is usually asked by retailers for non-alcoholic alternatives in order to not promote alcohol brands, or alcohol in general, to children and to keep alcohol enforcement rules consistent.


Highly recommend Brewdog’s Nanny State

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It’s not a legal requirement, but could be a Tesco policy they were unsure about.

No, but I tried an alcohol free ‘gin’ recently in a mocktail and enjoyed it. :tropical_drink:

Heineken 0 is by far the best one I have tasted. A lot of bars in my area are starting to sell it as well which is great.

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£4.50 for 6 cans in Tesco

Bernard Free lager/amber
Superbock Lager/Stout
Jever Fun
Jupiler alcohol free

All the alcohol free weissbiers, though Franziskaner is my favourite.

I can’t believe no one has mentioned alcohol free Adnams Ghost Ship. Simply the best low/no alcohol beer I have ever had!