Which out of CoD and BF5 should I get

As the title says, which of the top 2 games should I get ? Im thinking of getting 1 but unsure which 1, the last CoD I played was possibly Black Ops 2, just wasn’t a fan of the jet packs, futuristic crap. I got BF1 2 years ago and really enjoyed it.


Depends on the sort of game play you like.

If you like wide open maps with variation of playing in vehicles… then BF is the way to go…

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If you like fortnite and pubg then you’ll enjoy COD BR!

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BF is also getting a PUBG/Fornite mode…


I played the demo for CoD but only Blackout, it was quite good, fast paced. Wondered if anyone else had played the other game modes.

Have only played a few minutes of Fortnite and PUBG.