Black Ops 4 - Any Good?

Have black ops 3 for the xbox one and i find it fun, however i’m getting bored of the maps and considering getting black ops 4.

Just a n00b and like playing offline against bots.

I’ve heard it’s just the same game rebranded, is this true ?

Ive heard that on black ops 4 when u spawn players know where u spawn so its quite annoying

Plus i heard there a few maps that are the same

Just picked it up for £10. Will play later

Best call of Duty was and still is Modern Warfare, all others are a copy same with Fifa games :wink:


The only reason I bought it is for new maps

Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops 2 are my all time favourites if you wish to pick some of the classics up to enjoy.

Every CoD game from Call of Duty 2 is backwards compatible on the Xbox One.

Nuketown on Black Ops 2 is the all time best map on any Call of Duty game if you ask me! :heart_eyes: however the majority of the included maps are really good.

It is however basically the same game every year, you will probably eventually get fed up of the franchise been milked. I’d encourage you to enjoy the classics before that happens if you haven’t already.

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Still doing the 85GB " Update "

Wont have any HDD space left at this rate lol

I bought BO4 on PC a while ago and hadn’t played it in ages. I went to play a match yesterday and couln’t find a lobby. The multiplayer seems to be pretty much dead.

The zombies is still fun though but I don’t like the battle royal/blackout game mode.

Menus load a lot faster, bots are harder to 0wn and maps are much better. Definitely worth £10

I’ve played The Division/2 but never played the COD Franchise, what’s the best game out of all of them? Yes, I would like to get Modern Warfare (the new one released last week) but I’m price dependent. My Son has played COD, but not played The Division, and was just wondering whether to go down the COD route?