Which one to choose? 3 investment research apps: Genuine Impact, Vectorvest and Simply Wall Street

I went onto gardening leave recently (first thing I did was to get a Monzo and Revolut card both!) and have some free time to search for some new investing apps. I use HL as my broker account which is what most of the family members use, so not really look for a new broker. HL does a decent job in their recommendation list and market news. However they are fairly light on stocks, and markets outside UK I have to say. I came across these three apps, first Vectorvest since HL has mentioned about it before in their emails. Then I bumped into these two other apps; one is Genuine Impact, the other is Simply Wall St. Here are my short overviews of each of them. If you have used them, or want to recommend others, please! :smile:

Genuine Impact: https://www.genuineimpact.co.uk/
They call themselves a financial terminal, so I guess something like a Factset or Bloomberg for the institutions. The app is really recent, but feels quite simple and easy to navigate around various functions. They have a security ranking page with pretty comprehensive explanations of the methodologies they use. Feels like a nice way to analyze the companies and funds without committing too much time to find the underlying information. So quite handy one for those who are time-limited and just want to get to the end results. A couple of the HL recommended funds are not showing up well in their rankings, and after some research, I do agree with them, and less so with HL (some HL recommended funds are not having good returns recently but they are still on the list). What’s also quite handy is their insights function.

So overall useful information for those who like to research companies and funds, but time constraint. Insights are for daily consumption and they do a good job of distilling them to something people like me can understand. If you use any of the brokers or digital advisers, like to have more information to help you make decision (granted HL is sometimes light on that regard), this is a good app to give a shout. Shortfall is on swiping and some other small user experiences but doesn’t bother me too much yet. From their website:


Vectorvest: https://www.vectorvest.co.uk/
Have to say this is more of a feel to day traders with quite heavy emphasis on charts and technical analysis. So not really something for me. Downloaded it mainly because HL has mentioned it before in their emails. The brilliant function is the timing gauge where I can visiualize better their recommendations on certain stocks, despite them sometime being very technical driven. They integrate quite nicely with stock exchanges and can have some live prices which can be valuable, again to frequent traders. From their website: you can see the sharp differences of emphasis


Simply Wall Street: https://simplywall.st/
Recommended to me by my Australian friend and the app is based in Australia. Somewhat similar to Genuine Impact but only covers stocks. They present company information in nice graphics even though on my phone the graphs are sometimes slow to load. Their website has a really detailed explanation of how they present the information into graphics. I use this concurrently with Genuine Impact and so far I enjoy it. The app has been around for a couple of years and have a good website this is feeling better experience than the app itself. They have a premium plan which I am frankly not ready to pay, since the functions are all the same. The only additional element I get from paid plan seems to be the ability to search more companies and create more portfolios.

They also have a self-generated research report team so quite useful to learn their independent views on stocks, who are mostly US stocks. However the publishing is not that regular so far. They have a broker account integration function which I can’t use since they don’t have UK brokers there yet. But if they have that for UK one day, I’d definitely use it or at least give it a try. Similar to Genuine Impact, it tries to make the research process more efficient, and not really for frequent traders. Would be nice to have some funds information on there. News function are not very frequent.

From their website:

All three are handy apps, and something that I’d like to use more often. I am aware of a few other apps that are more about daily news and stock price following, so not including them here, since HL is doing that job fairly well for me.

What apps do you use to help you make investing decisions?


Instead of HL have you considered Freetrade?


Anything appealing about it? I don’t know much about Free trade yet I have to say

I can give you a free pass if you like

For me; app based; zero fees (trades completed at 4pm); excellent customer service

It offers just what I want and more


Thanks! And what is a free pass? :slight_smile:

How do they make money if it’s zero fee?

There is currently a waiting list however if you DM me your email address I’ll send you a pass to queue jump

Revenue streams are:

  • Premium accounts

  • Fees for ISAs

  • Charging for instant trades & other premium services

More information here.

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Just did some quick reading about free trade. They are an execution only broker; is this the best way to describe it? I’d like to try it, after I figure out how to send you a message! :slight_smile:

To be honest I’m not in a huge rush of giving up on HL. They came across a little expensive but since I don’t really trade a lot, the only fee I end up paying is their platform fee. That in itself is actually similar to what a premium free trade account would cost, to me personally. And since I can’t yet transfer isa and sipp to free trade, I may not be their ideal customer, just yet; and vice versa.

What I ideally want is just one single broker that I can fully trust, for example put all my investments including my own pensions with, and some good research apps, like the ones I outlined above together with many possible others. Would you use free trade as your main broker account or is it one of many brokers that you are using to diversify provider concentration risk?

I only use Freetrade and do basic trades, so that bit costs me nothing.

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Thanks! Did you use anyone else before, and transferred all your holdings to them, or it’s your first broker ever?

First broker. I’d looked before at investing but the fees were high and a bit confusing with everyone I’d researched, so I just didn’t bother.


That makes your life easier! I would have to sell everything, unwind my isa and sipp accounts etc etc if I switch to anyone else.

What / who do you use for your research?

Yeah, in your case it’s definitely more complicated. One to keep an eye on in the future maybe, when they’ve added options to switch your ISA.

I like the Apple stocks app. It’s basic but it’s a good place to see the headlines. Motley fool is good as well for basic analysis. I mainly invest in ETFs and Trusts so in depth financial knowledge of individual companies isn’t high up my need to know list, more the general state of the economy or sector in a particular region. The Economist magazine suits my purposes fine for that

That would be handy to have!

Anything you use in particular to pick ETFs and Trusts, besides Economist?

I’ve used simple wall st before and enjoyed it but it didn’t have the comparison aspect that Genuine Impact has, I’m liking the app so far!

I originally traded with SharePrice but then they got sucked into ii. I might have to give freetrade a look too.

I have a few ETFs but more of a stock picker myself!

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Hi, what’s the best way to get a free pass

How you found them so far? I quite like Genuine Impact’s insights feature. Easy to read. Simply wall st is sometimes delayed and light on their news and research feeds.

Haven’t used the insight too much, maybe I should have another look.

I’m excited for the league. As long as I get the crush the guys in the office with my league then I’m a happy penguin!

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For Freetrade? I’ve signed up but I haven’t got access yet.

I saw people on this forum giving out passes and I assume they hand them out on their forum too.

It’s only free for passive ETFs with next day bulk trading which I didn’t know before. So I’m happy to wait (let everyone else be my tester!)

Any non-instant trade is free. UK shares of course have stamp duty, and US shares suffer a currency conversion loss, but that’s not Freetrade charging you.


Good to know, so no trading commission for UK or US as long as it’s next day bulk. Thanks for clearing that up!