Best app to start investing

I’ve never invested, and I’d like to try out a small value investment. What’s the best app to try?

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Freetrade for stocks, Vanguard or iWeb for funds

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I don’t see either Vanguard or iWeb on the app store.

What do we think about Nutmeg and Plum.

Vanguard and iWeb don’t have apps. It really depends on what you want to invest in and what’s your timeframe.

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Vanguard and iWeb don’t have apps. But they are low cost platforms. Does it need to be an app?

Never tried Nutmeg but it is quite popular and designed for beginners and those who want to set and forget.

Do you want to actively pick individual stocks or are you happy with being hands off?

My criteria is: something with an app; one year to start with.

No i don’t need to choose stocks myself.

Still unclear what you want to invest in. If you don’t want to pick individual stocks or funds it seems that you are looking for a roboadvisor.
So Wealthsimple, Nutmeg, or Moneyfarm. But they have relatively high fees compared to going with Vanguard and iWeb.
A 1 year timeframe is really not much btw…

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I find Free-trade quite good and simple for stocks and ETFs


I have Freetrade, but without a doubt the best app for investing atm is T212.

Create a S&S ISA and pick a few ETFs like Gold, Tech, EVs, Healthcare if you don’t want to be individual stocks.

Free ISA, no fees on transactions.

Basically a better version of Freetrade with actual charts and limits/stops and thousands more to choose from. Oh and they have just released the pie system for an automated portfolio.

Anyone wants a referral to get a free share (up to £100) send me a message. :wink:


Have a look at trading212 no fees, ISA and fca protected

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Freetrade and Vanguard

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You’re a beginner so just like me over a year ago when I wrote this, I’d go with Freetrade and it’s staggering how far I & my portfolio has grown since :open_mouth::

Learn here:

If you really don’t want to actively pick your own shares/ETFs and would rather be a passive investors with everything taken care of for you then Plum, MoneyBox or Nutmeg will do the job. Benefit of using Plum or MoneyBox is that you can also supplement your portfolio with roundups.

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Depends what you are looking for went it comes to investment apart from the obvious ROI :crazy_face: I came across Clim8 Invest. App not out yet so cannot comment on returns but I do like the clean investing concept.