Which one to choose? 3 investment research apps: Genuine Impact, Vectorvest and Simply Wall Street


You can buy shares every day but they only go through at 4pm

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(Harry Dover) #22

I gave Vector Vest a go and it was more technical trading which is less my jam.

SimpleWallSt felt a little clunky on my phone, it was like tinder for companies which confused me a little. I was building a portfolio of things that looked interesting?

Genuine Impact was very different, I had to know my investments to get the most out of it (SWS seems more “what about this?”) but it felt more detailed and I like the comparison.

Thanks for the heads up! Worth the download

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(Harry Dover) #23

I just got an email that genuineimpact were fundraising.

Hopefully it goes as well as Monzo! I missed out on the Monzo raise as I only just got the card :frowning:


I got the same email as you I think. Takes me to their investor page, not a lot of details but you can sign up for the info deck.

They are promising to send out the financials soon! I asked what platform they were using as well. Fingers crossed they announce it soon!

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Did you end up investing in the end?

I was going to create a new thread but easier to highjack this one.

I got in while they had some SEIS left, only put down a grand though.

They are over 200% funded which is great to see!

It looks like they are just letting the funding run until it closes, fine for me. The faster they can deliver the better.

(Harry Dover) #27

I didn’t invest until they had already hit the target. I only received EIS on £100.

The app is good but I am looking forward to getting some more features! I want the round to end so they can carry on rolling out features.