Which one to choose? 3 investment research apps: Genuine Impact, Vectorvest and Simply Wall Street


You can buy shares every day but they only go through at 4pm

(Harry Dover) #22

I gave Vector Vest a go and it was more technical trading which is less my jam.

SimpleWallSt felt a little clunky on my phone, it was like tinder for companies which confused me a little. I was building a portfolio of things that looked interesting?

Genuine Impact was very different, I had to know my investments to get the most out of it (SWS seems more β€œwhat about this?”) but it felt more detailed and I like the comparison.

Thanks for the heads up! Worth the download

(Harry Dover) #23

I just got an email that genuineimpact were fundraising.

Hopefully it goes as well as Monzo! I missed out on the Monzo raise as I only just got the card :frowning:


I got the same email as you I think. Takes me to their investor page, not a lot of details but you can sign up for the info deck.

They are promising to send out the financials soon! I asked what platform they were using as well. Fingers crossed they announce it soon!