Any recommendations for stock watching apps/websites?


Hi everyone

Hoping someone might be able to recommend a good app with a web interface for monitoring a stock portfolio…I recently left a financial firm which had Bloomberg so I’m really struggling to find a tool that even remotely matches it!

I just need to be able to set groups of stocks to track and have it visualised with pretty graphs tbh :slight_smile:

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Hi - web sites - trustnet, Hargreaves Lansdowne or digitallook, digitallook has 15 minute updates on share price , trustnet lets you analyse your holdings in terms of how much you hold in different regions , by % exposure etc ?

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HL has quite a good app with pretty graphs (I don’t think the app requires an account), but might not compare to professional products. What did you like about bloomberg (sorry haven’t seen it)?

Freetrade should have pretty graphs but isn’t out yet, not sure if you’ll be able to track without buying, but slow trades are free.

Here is the link without and with referral code