Which is the coolest bank card right now?

There are a bunch of bank cards out there, and obviously most people want to have a cool one, right?

So in your opinion and from your experience of bank cards, what’s the coolest card to whip out?

I work in a job where I get to see a lot of bank cards, and I have to say that (perhaps ironically for such an uncool concept) the COOLEST card I have seen was a pink GoHenry bank card wielded by a CHILD, with their name in large font in the top left instead of the bank’s name (e.g. instead of the card saying “Monzo” it would say “your name” in the huge letters). I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was about the card that was cool, but it was pretty epic :sunglasses: Congrats to GoHenry on turning a boring thing in to an awesome thing!

Also on my top list is Revolut’s metal card (simple but beautiful and very STRONG looking), although not N26’s metal card for some reason, perhaps it just feels like a boring copycat of Revolut’s showstopper…

A surprise entry at number 3 in my top list is the Pockit card. The acid yellow colour takes the showboatiness of Hot Coral to another level, and it is at least a hundred times rarer than a Monzo card, which automatically makes it cool…

Then you have the most recent iteration of the Starling card, which being portrait instead of landscape (like the newest Scottish polymer bank notes) is pretty cool. It’s a really serene teal and just feels very slick and premium.

I’m not sure where Monzo sits on the coolness scale. Obviously it’s totally zeitgeist being the most used fintech card around at the moment, but maybe that makes it too common to feature in the cool list?

What do you think are the coolest bank cards around right now? :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen a cool bank card.




My top 3 are:

  • Curve Metal (Blue one)
  • Amex Platinum (new Metal one)
  • Revolut Space Grey Premium

These all look premium to me and I’m not a fan of the bold in your face colours most of the Fintech companies provide.

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I really like my Amex.
It’s the standard rewards card and it’s transparent. I always catch staff behind the counters trying to work out what it is whenever I’m paying for stuff.

Edit: looks a little like this:


Purely aestically I like Revolut’s metal card:

Also the Dozens card is nice:

Ultimately, though, I’m a fan of minimalism. So a plain hot coral / metal card with just the Monzo logo (not the name spelt out) would work for me.


Stats please.


If you have a spare £20,000



It’s very… beige…


Poor choice of photo I think.

In all seriousness though, who would want an 18k gold debit card??

+1 for Dozens


“cool” isn’t a word I’d use to describe any bank card really :thinking:

But if we’re talking aesthetics, I think most of the fintech offerings are far better looking than cards issued by the mainstream banks.
Personally, I am a fan of the more minimalist cards from the likes of Starling, Monese and Curve
The metal offerings from Revolut, N26 and Curve are nice, but not nice enough for me to warrant the fees.

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I just got one of those. I think it looks awful myself :rofl: (I think mainly because of that square in the middle)

I quite like the Amex cards which have the decorative border around three of the sides (Platinum, Preferred Rewards Gold, and Amex Charge Card).

Also like the look of minimalist black cards (e.g. Revolut metal & Jaja)

I do really like the ombre thing Revolut has going on in terms of aesthetics (obviously not as much as I love hot coral :wink: )

That transparent amex is amazing though :eyes:


I enjoy this.


Gotta go either classy and understated or colourful and vibrant! :smiley:

I have to say it is quite nice, and in Monzo’s colours. Shame about the big white background to the MasterCard logo.


I do like the Amex transparent card (posted above) and the ever so slightly translucent N26 one.

A transparent/translucent Monzo Plus card may make me think about jumping onto that ship… :pleading_face:

Do people really take much notice of what card you’re using these days?

I like my green dragon, although Monzo’s hot coral gets more notice when I used it :rofl:

Is that not a lion?


It is very aesthetically pleasing. But also functionally useless (to me at least). There’s so much friction in using the app that I’ve not touched it for months and months.

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