Which Credit Card should I get?

Worth looking at two cards. A rewards one for UK use (E.g. IHG, BA, Nectar, Marriott, etc.) , and an FX free one when abroad.


I am not sure how credit scoring works in the UK though.

In the US applying for too many at once is bad, as is a lower average credit age.

Nationwide’s rewards credit cards are no longer available to new customers.

So if I went Amex should I go with Platinum Cashback Credit Card, or BA? I realise these have foreign transaction fees, but Monzo doesn’t.

I have US cards which don’t.

I am considering a traditional AMEX charge card too, but am I right in thinking as there is no credit utilisation this would be less beneficial to my credit score?

I have a BA amex and aqua reward, I could get the clarity buy I prefer to earn some free money. Having an aqua reward won’t do any harm to your file.

Get the platinum and don’t worry about your cra score, it’s pointless here, just make sure your file is accurate and doesn’t have any negatives (late payments, defaults etc)

I just want to be able to get a mortgage at a favourable rate. I have no negatives on my record, but I can’t get a loan from Monzo, so a Mortgage seems unlikely.

That’s only a decision you can make. Get BA if you want Avios points. Get Platinum cashback if you want cashback. Note both these cards come in annual-fee and non-annual-fee versions.

Not sure. But note the only UK Amex charge cards that earn membership points also come with an annual fee of at least £60/year.

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I might go with the BA as the eligibility checker is 8/10 vs 7

I usually redeem my BA points to my AA account when I fly tho.

So I am heavily leaning towards BA.

Any thoughts on Virgin or Post Office cards?

Lloyds used to have a really good Amex. Any thoughts on their new cards? I am fully eligible as their customer.

Though it would be good to diversify and get an Amex in addition to my Monzo Mastercard and US Visas

I have no experience with any of them, but one potential draw of Virgin for me would be when their credit cards get integrated into the new, modern Virgin Money app (former B app). I don’t think that has happened yet but presumably it will eventually happen.

By the way, if you do decide to go Amex and don’t already have someone to refer you, feel free to DM for a referral link. If you sign-up via a referral you get a slightly higher new customer points/cashback bonus.

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Hahahah same here, however I have amex, aqua and virgin 0% purchase. Do you have any kind of credit?

Nope. Not in the UK.

Thin file, any bills reported (phone, internet, energy…) if you get declined for the amex card, either try your bank(no monzo obviously) or any credit builder card(my recommendation is aqua reward).

fwiw, I have a thin file (nothing but non-overdraft current accounts) and got an Amex card with a £8k limit. I think Amex are willing to overlook your credit file being thin if you have a high enough salary.

edit: also been in the country <3 years and was a student for most of that

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Yeah, I did not apply earlier as I was told I needed three years of address history.

Great to know.

Depending on the provider it can be 3 years of international address history. Especially for those banks who have international presence and can conduct further checks.

I’ve got a mortgage (at the market leading rate for my loan-to-value level) but have never been offered a loan by Monzo. Don’t read too much into that alone.

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I use virgin BT card for some old debt I’m getting rid of. Never had any issues but given I’ve never used it for purchases I’m probably not the best case study!

Monzo are still very risk averse. They are one of the only lenders that won’t lend to me, likely because I never use my personal account and only use my joint one. I’ve never had an issue getting a mortgage so don’t let it worry you at all.

Do you have credit history in the UK? The only item on my credit report is my current accounts which do not have an overdraft.