Non Amex Credit Cards

Hello all,

Looking to get a Visa or Master Credit Card. I already have Amex but it doesn’t cover me for all work related expenses.

I’ve just moved and opened a couple of bank accounts, so the eligibility checkers don’t seem to be keen on me at the moment.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Try applying for a credit credit at a bank where you have held an account for a while.

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Are you likely to use it abroad?

Are you after cashback?

That may alter some of the offerings from posters on here.

Personally, I have a VISA and a Mastercard credit card so, with my Amex too, I have all angles covered.

If you shop a lot at Amazon, the Amazon Platinum Mastercard may be beneficial.

If you hold a Nationwide account, the Select cc offers 0.25% cashback and free FX transactions.


I think the two best at the moment are the Halifax Clarity card for its travel benefits such as fee-free cash withdrawals and spending abroad.

The other credit card is the Virgin Atlantic Rewards credit card as it’s got a very good earn rate for air miles.


Having taken a few switch boons, I do intend to stick it out at either Lloyds or RBS for that purpose…

Cashback would be great, Amex looks to be the best offer but wouldn’t solve the expenses issue…that being said I do semi wish I had one rather than the Low Rate Rewards Card I do have…

From the eligibility checks I’ve done it seems to be Capital One (themselves, Ocean, Think Money etc) that fancy me the most…but not sure whether to take a plunge into the ‘sub prime’ for the sake of expensing things from Home and B&M Bargians

Travel would be excellent if I could kill two birds, but Lloyds Group and RBS don’t fancy me…Tymit says no declined credit card applications in the last 3 months…ive only done eligibility checks so waiting back on them to see if that constitutes the same thing. Based on Post Office Cards being Capital One that may be an option, but I’m only getting 80pc eligibility for the standard Classic card.

May be worth waiting who knows. I’ve gone a perfectly reasonable limit with Amex, would just be handy for the odd online purchase or work expense where its not an option.

It sounds as if your credit file is poor which may well prevent you from getting any ‘reward’ cards, especially as CC firms have tightened up on their criteria.

Are you registered to vote at your current address?

I wouldn’t worry about a card being “sub prime” - it makes no difference as long as you pay it off in full each month (ideally via direct debit).

As well as Capital One consider Barclaycard and the Aqua Classic cards


I do already have a good rewards card (low rate 9.9pc, but its off the market now) with Amex, maintained at 10pc utilisation. I actioned a succesful limit increase recently, maybe that’s influencing things? For what it’s worth the checkers are saying I’d be approved for another Amex but that’s not really the objective here!

I do sometimes pay it by card, on what grounds would paying it in full via DD make a difference? I tend to spend 10pc extra after the 19th (statement date) and pay the bill off when I get paid LWD (the 10pc doesn’t count as being carried over). Sometimes though, Credit Karma (TU) pulls through the bigger balance at month end, but even if I paid it via DD on the first it’d ding the utilisation ratio. I use it instead of a debit card some months, but perhaps now I’ll stop!

ROVR as of a few weeks back, took a while to update after the move but I did register on day one. My scores are all in the fair or good category (for what that’s worth). I think the eligibility results are off the back of as you say, stricter rules but also probably due to my account chopping and changing (has defo dinged my score a tad) . Good point about all credit cards showing the same, even if it had a £200 limit I’d ensure it didn’t have anything carried over - but I may just wait for things to blow over and offers to improve.

Unfortunately the Select credit card is no longer available to new applicants. The new Members credit card does still offer the free FX transactions (not on cash withdrawals though).


You said you’ve recently moved and opened a few accounts.
Moved from?? to UK or within UK.

If your previous address was longer than 3 years, then a move shouldn’t be much of an issue.

If you’re like me, recently moved to UK and have 1 address for 3 months and my current for 11, then they aren’t very keen. My current address is owned and purchased almost outright. That almost makes it worse. If I would have a substantial mortgage on this property, it would significantly improve my score. Not complaining as it rises almost monthly with significant steps.

I haven’t opened a few accounts.
Just have my Lloyds and Monzo.
Quit my Revolut as it didn’t serve any purpose. Still have an account at Bunq, that serves me with a MC debit card, that in the system is shown as a credit card. This serves me for car rental, etc. and is equally good or better than Revolut.
Revolut didn’t show up on my credit report. Neither does my Monzo account. Lloyds and CC do.
Recently started using a credit history building card. Which I pay off every month. I don’t need it for the credit.

“Eligibility” doesn’t like your frequent moves (or recent move into UK) and account openings in particular.


Sorry, I just meant moving house. Previous address 2 years. But yeah, that and opening a few accounts has probably caused the situation. Think I’ll wait a few months!

Ended up getting a card with Level. You apply through the app, so it’s a bit more ‘fintechy’. No foreign exchange fee on purchases and as its a Master can use it for the odd bit of work expensing at non Amex retailers. Barely advertised the former, so glad I looked into it after Clear Score offered it preapproved.