Which Credit Card should I get?


I am looking to get a credit card to begin building some credit history in the UK.

My only requirements are:

  • No Annual Fee
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • Some sort of point, preferably cash-back or aviation
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Aqua reward


Rewards cards in the UK are largely pointless (pardon the pun) because the value of the rewards are super low.

Halifax Clarity is often hailed as an excellent travel card - especially by MoneySavingExpert, the authority on what credit to get. No points or rewards on this one though.

Aqua is a credit card for those with poor credit. Credit limits are likely to be lower than maximums elsewhere but is also highly recommended for those who cannot get other cards.

Edit: more info added.


Would that not include people with no UK credit history, but?

Edit: added quote for context after more info added to previous post.

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Not sure, My first CC in US was a standard one.

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Amex is giving me a 7-8/10 likelihood of being accepted.

BA or Platinum card?

Could you not get a US Amex and then transfer it over to AMEX UK?


I have considered that.

very good suggestion as you keep your credit profile and any rewards you have.

The amex BA card and the Everyday Platinum are two of the best in the uk at the moment when it comes to no annual fees.

Ask yourself if you fly enough to take advantage of the points and lounge access or if cashback is more your speed.

I do, but I have been earning miles to my AAadvandage account rather than BA.

Well if you already get points elsewhere then I suggest the everyday platinum.

I only earn those when I actually fly BA though.

Amex cards donโ€™t meet your no foreign transaction fees requirement.


No it appears the UK ones donโ€™t. It was suggested to me above. :man_shrugging:

Have a look at the Jaja credit card, it ticks most of the requirements except the cash back which frankly is mostly useless in Europe (as the interchange fees are capped by regulations).


If you have clubcard plus Tesco have a credit card with no FX fee that earns clubcard points. (The earning rate is awful compared to US cards)

Their cards for non clubcard plus users still have a FX fee though.

UK credit cards pretty much always have a FX fee. (Got to make up that lost interchange some way)

I think the only credit cards that meet all the requirements in the opening post (and donโ€™t depend on having a linked subscription like Clubcard Plus) may be Aqua Rewards and Barclaycard Rewards. But rewards are small.

You could look at Nationwide Credit Card. No fee, no FX fee (I think), and cashback.

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I was looking at this card a few years ago, but it seems it is off sale after the virgin merger.


Given the lack of benefits, I just havenโ€™t bothered getting a CC in the UK yet.