Which bank accepts statement from Monzo?

Hi, I am an international student and have been struggling to open a bank account with traditional banks.

I recently opened a bank account with Monzo out of emergency. I love it and I’m intending to keep it, but I’d like to open a bank account with one of those traditional banks to get tuition fees from my parents. Has anyone used statements provided by Monzo to open a bank account before?

Why do you need them?

I don’t see why a bank statement would assist in opening a high street bank account.

As a proof of address?

Because my current landlord/renting agency and university have gone paperless. They only send e-documents. The only “original copy” of the document I can get is a bank statement from Monzo.

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Providing proof of address can be a challenge for new international students: no driving licence and no bills. They often rely on university-issued letters, which local bank branches are usually happy to accept. This is apparently not an option for OP. Many universities have gone online with no counter services during lockdown.


Ask your University what banks they partner with.

You go to the branch and there will be a procedure to follow. They don’t make it difficult for international students.


Can’t your parents send the money to Monzo?

Thanks! I tried Barclay last year but wasn’t able to book an appointment. It got canceled due to lockdown when I finally booked one. The university replied today saying that Lloyds or HSBC will accept their letter. I will give it a try and find out what are the other banks they partner with

Heard from other people that monzo don’t support international payment?? ((is it true?

Depends where you’re sending it from. Not officially supported.

If you’re an international student it’s probably not Monzo who are best for you. If you want an a techy bank, use Starling, international payments are fully supported. Otherwise one of the University recommended ones.

With these techy banks there’s a very high risk that your account is going to be frozen when you receive the large tuition fee payments from abroad as they’re a bit trigger happy with it. Larger banks who are used to this kind of thing probably won’t have an issue as they ask you what kind of payments you’ll be receiving during the account opening process so they won’t freeze it later on.


That surprises me. A tenancy agreement is one of the things I’d expect to remain in paper form.

Can you not just ask the University to write and send you a letter of confirmation by post?

When I was at university, they usually would be very accommodating to student requests, especially if it was for something like this. Say you also need it to prove council tax exemption and the Uni might be even more accomodating. I know its covid era but universities do still post things.

Also ask at Student Services for advice, they probably have had other students with similar problems as you so could help.


Some sound advice here, @zuzuzu . :blush:

For £9/£18k per year I’d be raising a racket if they can’t post me a simple piece of paper, Covid or otherwise.

Barclays allow online account opening like Monzo; would that not work? An alternative (and possibly cheaper) for receiving international payments is Wise (formerly known as TransferWise)

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I have asked and requested. They advised that an e-statement will be enough and mentioned they can’t produce physical copy at the moment (since the office is close)

Tried barclay last year. Appointment was either fully booked or canceled. Tried online account opening which they only have it this year but they require a UCAS number. My UCAS number is expired. Made a call to barclays but waited for 30 mins with no one answers. Felt like a joke trying barclays for so long.

Ah I see! Okie, will check out WIse, thanks!

When I opened an account as an EU student I didn’t need to provide a UCAS number. But I was opening a regular, not a student account. Not sure if the processes have changed though

But I was using Wise for receiving money from family when I was a student anyway as their fees were cheaper

Your family can just provide your UK sort code and account number, pay Wise in their local currency either by bank transfer or debit card (where supported) and the money will come to you from Wise’s UK account. Debit card payments are instant and bank transfers take a few days.

Ah, I see. Reckon that regular account could be easier?

I’m not from EU (Neither USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, any developed countries, etc) and this put me even more down to the disadvantages, whether Brexit happens or not (((= no EU/EEA ID; = not from “wealthy countries”; =Developing country, unknown/less well-known, student, seems poor, no “original documents”, suspicious).

Didn’t know wise is that good! Just wondering, Do they have cards? How could I pay or withdraw money if I were I have to pay the tuition fees by Wise or got some allowance from Wise??

Starling accept international payments don’t they, it’s got an IBAN. Maybe just use them up get payments through from your parents. Unless I missed a reason above saying they’ve turned you down.

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Payments might take a few days to go through, or they might not reach your account at all.