Where, in the UK, can you use PayPal with Google Pay?

Hi everyone, first post here… sorry if this topic has already been addressed (and if so please link to the thread), but I haven’t found it and Googling doesn’t seem to pinpoint it either.

Question as in title. Prompted partly by a thread here on which UK physical stores, restaurants etc. don’t impose a £30 limit on contactless purchases. Which is fine, but a crucial prior step here is to establish which of them don’t impose a £0 limit on PP/GP purchases.

If you can identify specific outlets that fit the bill, and can link to substantiating documentation, that’s great - but even better is if you can attest to having yourself personally successfully made a purchase at said outlet by this method.

Welcoming your contributions!

PayPal in Google Pay is a US only feature. If it uses Amex/Visa/MC as it’s backend you’ll likely be able to use it in places which accept that network, if it’s using a network that’s not accepted widely in the UK like Discover you’ll not be able to use it.

I doubt you’ll find any UK merchants telling you specifically that PayPal via Google Pay is accepted as it’s not a UK feature that PayPal are offering.

PayPal in the US are a bank and so offer significantly more product features than they do in the UK - they offer what is basically a checking account which is why they support Google Pay for these types of account.

Reminds me of the trope about a bank being a place that lends you an umbrella when it’s sunny and asks for it back when it rains…

The benefit of tapping a mobile phone instead of tapping a card is, well, marginal to say the least. If you didn’t have the phone you could do it perfectly well by card. Whereas without a phone, you can’t use PayPal in physical stores at all because there’s no card and checkouts don’t have keyboards to type in email and password. In other words, that’s one case where the mediation of Google Pay would actually make a decisive difference. And guess what? That’s the one case that GP doesn’t host. Lovely.

This isn’t true - PayPal offer cards in at least the US and UK to pay with your PayPal balance. Not a problem at all for you to use a physical PayPal card in a shop. You don’t need a phone or any apps, it works from your PayPal account only.

If you’re referring to the PayPal Access Card, that was phased out by 9 September just past.

It appears to have been “replaced” (?) by the PP Business Debit Mastercard, but I can’t find any card available for personal accounts. If you think you know of one, I’d be grateful for a link to PP’s UK website which describes it.