Where has the "chat" link gone?

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I cannot find customer service chat icon. Where has it gone ? Using upto date Android App.


If you go to help - scroll to the bottom and “I still need help” :slight_smile:


On Andriod, a quick way is to touch and hold on Monzo App for Quick Shortcuts menu. You can tap the Chat from there…


Not on my Android. No such shortcuts appear for me.


Sorry, I think it’s for Andriod 7.1 and above. If you’re on an older version this will not work.


Yep. My old phone had ver 6.x but my newer one 5.1 :frowning:


(David ) #8

Found as directed. Cheers :grinning:


I am on Android 7.0

Not working for me, however, no 7.1 upgrade available either :thinking:


Sorry Paul I might be wrong but I am sure Quick menus came with 7.1 I am on 8.0 but it’s exactly the same menu for 7.1 and above just as in video above.
Some Android manufacturers are just not good at releasing updates too often. Google however is going to try to change this:

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