Where do I find my IBAN / Bank Account Number / BIC / SWIFT codes?

Heya, just signed up for Monzo and I’m looking to get paid for my freelance work directly into Monzo card and the company I’m working with needs the following information:

  • IBAN
  • Bank Account Number

Just wondering where I can find this info.?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Inbound international transfers aren’t really supported at the moment, it’ll be more reliable to use another bank account or TransferWise.

To get the other details, open your Account settings (your initials or photo if you’ve set one), should be visible there (and shareable too if you are on iOS).

Hi guys! Let me see if I got it right. So, Monzo account has an IBAN number, right? To receive a payment from a regular bank here, payer will use my IBAN number just like any other account here to transfer me money, and the transactions will occur via NatWest (in the background, we don’t see it). As of for me to send money (e.g. pay suppliers) in Portugal, does it work the same way? Tks!

Officially, no. Some people have had success by generating an IBAN number, but, at the moment, Monzo do not support inbound international transfers.