IBAN issue

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I’m having a problem with money transfer to my monzo account. Someone has to send me money from Lithuania to my monzo account. They ask of IBAN but I found this website which doesn’t explain everything precisely https://transferwise.com/gb/iban/uk/monzo-bank#monzo-bank-uk-iban

Obviously GB is a country code, but what about “check number” and “bank identifier”? Are they unique to each and every account or these are country codes too that I can already use? I’ve checked my monzo statements too but they only show sort and account number, same as on the app, nothing about IBAN. I just want to double check before I provide correct information, any information would be much appreciated.

Incoming international transfers aren’t available yet they are on the roadmap

As stated above, receiving money from other countries isn’t officially supported by Monzo yet.

There are apparently ways of doing it but they aren’t necessarily totally reliable (i.e. the money may bounce and be returned). As a result, things like IBAN and other numbers/codes required for these types of transfers haven’t been published (or perhaps don’t even formally exist).

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They really should have that in big bold letters when you open an account. I cannot get my expenses paid as my employer requires an IBAN number. I don’t really want to use transferwise as it looks like they charge transaction fees for doing that. This is not a small inconvenience.

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Totally agree. I never expected a modern online bank anno 2019 not to support IBAN. This is totally unacceptable really, and should be on top of Monzo’s priority list.

It has after all been over a year since James Berry at Monzo promised that IBAN support was only a few months away…

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IBAN discussion is here: