Where can I see *all* the scheduled repeating payments?

I have my credit card linked to Monzo and its charges appear in my Activity stream, which is great, some of those payments on there are regular. I have marked some of them as such (yearly, weekly and more). But I can’t see where they go. They don’t end up in scheduled payments. But Monzo is suggesting it will “predict” them. What if I want to change their frequency without finding the specific payment?

Payments > Scheduled.

If it’s not there, tap in most recent transaction and set as repeating and it’ll then show in the above.

I’ve tried to find a list of repeating-connected-account-transactions and I can’t find it either :man_shrugging:

It seems only repeating-Monzo-account-transactions are listed in Scheduled Payments.

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No I don’t think youre right only Monzo repeating payments are visible there.

This is marked repeating.

It doesn’t show here :

Not just me then :laughing: they’re saved somewhere, because Monzo suggests they’ll predict, I don’t think they’ve written a front end for it yet :joy:

Ah sorry, connected accounts don’t come into it, I misread the initial post, sorry.