Recurring payment management

One of my bugbears with all my banks is thst when I set up a recurring payment to pay off a credit card or pay back/into savings I can ni longer see the data behind this.

I feel like this is something monzo should be able to solve.

In scheduled payments I’d like to be able to see:
Date recurring payment was set up or first paid
How many transactions were scheduled/are left/date recurring payment ends.

Can you see that if you click on the payment itself in the main feed?

I’ll have a look in main feed. But it’s a bit faffy. Might show past payments but not payment end date? I still think it would be a nice feature in the scheduled payments section.

So no that doesn’t actually help so it will show me total payments to that payee, but not how many payments to that particular run of payments etc if that makes sense. So if I’m paying £5 a month to a credit card for £10 months to pay off a £50 purchase, and I’m also separately paying £3 a month for 12 months to pay off a m £36 purchase then I’d like to see when the £5 a month payment ends … see?