Calendar view of payments

Monzo, any chance you can have a calendar view of the payments scheduled and upcoming on our account? A list is good but a calendar view just helps visualise them better. Thanks

Great idea. Id like to see this and can’t believe it hasn’t been suggested before (I don’t think it has anyway). I can see this working with summary where days could be marked green, amber red etc.

Possibly not even in-app, but reported directly to your preferred calendar app.

The tie-in to Google/Outlook/iCal here is huge. Monzo knows when a transaction has happened and also when a scheduled/recurring transaction will happen, so if the auth to your Google/Outlook/etc. calendar is dealt with properly - this could be amazing. Imagine all transactions posting to your preferred calendar app with both amount debited/credited and also the balance at that point in time.

I’m guessing this could be part of ‘New-Summary’?

Voted :+1:


Lloyds used to offer this in-app (or online desktop maybe?) when I was with them and it always felt very awkward - for me there are many days where no payment is due so there’s a lot of nothingness and I would be searching for a payment. I really like the view that Monzo has right now because it’s a set of known entities in a list with no obstruction.

That said, I would definitely be up for this being reported in my calendar so this has my vote on this basis!

What it does highlight is that scheduled payments could do with refining. Even if they were in date order that would be a start.

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Are yours not in date order? Mine are… iOS here - some sort of misalignment here maybe?

In Android’s Scheduled Payments tab, there are 2 sections;

  • Scheduled payments & standing orders - these are displayed in ascending date order
  • Subscriptions & Direct Debits - these are displayed in alphabetical order

This ‘dual-sorting’ arrangement of Scheduled Payments is a mess. They should all be the same type of sort - or even better- an option to choose (ascending/descending date or alphabetical payment) to make it sensible. I think this has been mentioned before somewhere…

EDIT: Found it; We're working on a new look for the Monzo app

Agree, its pretty clunky on android. Needs to be more intuitive. As I’ve suggested there’s nothing quite like a visual cue to focus your mind and I think placing the info into a calendar view will do just that.