When will Monzo support Apple Pay?

(Katrina) #220

Taking the phone out my pocket takes the same amount of time as taking the card out my pocket.

With the phone, I have to either hold it over the reader with my thumb over the fingerprint reader, wait for the wallet app to load, them wait for it to read my fingerprint; or double tap the home button to open the wallet app and hold the finger a bit longer to read it, then hold it over the reader. This takes about 1-2 seconds before it is ready to read the card.

With the card, I just hold it over the reader and it works straight away.

Very few places other than the Apple Shop accept Apple Pay for transactions greater than £30, so you have to get your card out for them anyway.


Is the thumb/unlock thing optional? AndroidPay can work without even waking the screen on the phone and without unlocking it.


Lock seems to be mandatory on iOS for Apple Pay, however Touch ID is pretty much instant and seamless in most cases.

(Katrina) #223

Yes, neither option I gave unlocks the phone, but you still need to validate with a fingerprint.

You can also unlock the phone, open the wallet app, select the card you want and validate it.

(Jack) #224

I’d disagree with the statement that not many places accept above the £30. I find the majority of places now do accept Apple Pay above the £30 limit. It’s just not advertised well at all.

(Alex Sherwood) #225

Remember how annoying this was? But now it’s finally here :grin:

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #226

Is Apple Pay here yet?


(Alex Sherwood) #227

:point_up: :point_up: :point_up: annoying :wink:


Not really annoying I find the excuses to why not quite amusing :see_no_evil:

It’s like saying what’s the fuss about around having a mobile phone or a skyQbox when we have perfectly functioning phone booths and VHS recorders (80’s)

Let’s provide the Monzo members with what is readily available as a tool / aid that already exists on the street


Like waiting for it for months while every other bank supports it is not?

(Alex Sherwood) #231

That was a (not so) private joke with Danny :slight_smile: I know why people are frustrated. If you don’t like that comment, please ignore it!

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #232

Monzo when we keep asking for Apple Pay


Me when I keep asking for Apple Pay


Me when Apply Pay comes



Why not remove it rather than asking to ignore
This is an open forum

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #235

Dude it’s a running joke, no need to remove it.


I’m not your dude

And I would like see Apple Pay on Monzo

(Roser Blasco) #237

I used apple pay with Barclays and it was a bliss.

Once anyone starts paying with the phone, using the a card feels like a step back which is actually what I am sacrificing for Monzo in the last weeks. Every. Single. Day. Every. Single. Transaction.

Feedback form the app is not worth it. Full stop.
Patience has a limit. Either get this out or will move back to Barclays.

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #238

I am looking at going back to Metro or actually using my Starling account.

(Gareth) #239

I just used Android Pay for the first time just yesterday, and did not experience this epiphany. But then, taking a phone out or taking a card out my pocket are similar for me. And I happen to know that Barclays was also ‘late’ for Apple Pay so I assume you were patient before.

(Roser Blasco) #240

You get used to it, specially if your hand lives attached to your phone, which may not be your case.

(Roser Blasco) #241

Thank you for the tip. I can see Metro has Apple Pay support: https://www.metrobankonline.co.uk/ways-to-bank/products/apple-pay/

Will have a look :smiley: