When will it be available to send money from UK to Hong Kong using international money transfer

As far as I know, Hong Kong dollar is a supported currency in Transfer Wise. I would appreciate HKD will soon be the next place we can send money to.

Isn’t it available inside the Monzo app for you?
Seems to be available for me (after linking my Transferwise account).

Yes, it is a supported currency.
You’ll need to use the international tab via ‘Pay by Bank Transfer’. Follow the instructions if it’s your first time using that tab. HKD should then show as a supported currency.

You are better using TransferWise to transfer from GBP to HKD as the rate is slightly better than through Monzo (even though Monzo uses TransferWise to send money abroad)

I don’t think that’s correct. I think you get the same rates whether you go via Monzo or direct to Transferwise.

e.g., First image is via Monzo app, second is via Transferwise app.

Hmm, it was different when I was transferring money a while back

Ah well :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t have been. The blog post from summer 2018 states “it’ll never cost you more money because you’re going through Monzo”

I checked just now and the Transferwise app gives a ever so slightly better rate for Euro transfers. Maybe because its the middle of the night :sweat_smile: .

PNG IMG_0456

Perhaps it’s just due to moment to moment rate fluctuations so being a few seconds apart in entering the data in each app can lead to rate differences. Perhaps certain currencies or times are more sensitive to this.

I’ve just tried with Euro and managed to get a more favourable rate in Monzo than in the Transferwise app.