Pay contacts in different currencies

(Stephen) #1

Choose which currency you want, how much you want to send and the Monzo app checks the exchange rate and debits the correct amount of £ from your account?

(Leonard) #2

I imagine that might be a lot of work but it does sound cool.

(Hugh) #3

What’s the use case though? Given that Monzo accounts will always be in £?

(Stephen) #4

Say you’re abroad and need to pay your friend an amount but you know it in the local currency, not in £. It would mean you don’t need to work it out yourself.


Don’t we call it Money Transfer Service just like Transferwise :thinking:

(Stephen) #6

Is transferwise available within the Monzo app?


It’s on the roadmap… Check the links below;

(Jim ) #8

Hey - you can already do this with Revolut. Works the same as Monzo but you can pay friends back / split bills in local currencies AND transfer between currencies at the interbank rate

(Jolin) #9

Stephen, you might be interested in this thread where your suggestion has also been discussed:

(Ricardo Veras) #10

Hi guys
I see that the timeline was changed in July to the near future ie. 3-6 months. Do you have any update as to when the international payments will be functional?