When-why-what-don't & would + extra

As a few years gone, I think it’s good time to ask to answer a few simple questions :roll_eyes::card_index:

  1. When did you open Monzo :monzo: (Mondo) account?
  2. Why?
  3. What do you like most about your account?
  4. Don’t like most?
  5. Would like to get improved?
  6. eXtra

If you keep the answers in same order, will be easier to catch up with other people’s answers :grin:
It’s a survey not a contest so please respect other people’s answers/comments :speak_no_evil:

My answers:

  1. May 2020 (I am always late to the party :pig2:)
  2. Out of curiosity. Didn’t need one, but was keen to try it out :smirk:
  3. UI, pots, early payday :star_struck: and of course a logo :monzopride:
  4. Related to closed accounts
  5. IBAN, card payments from pots, debit card colours :credit_card:
  6. Am glad to have Monzo, but if would have to choose “Monzo or Crypto”, it definitely will be Crypto :cowboy_hat_face::chart_with_upwards_trend::bar_chart:
  1. :two::zero::one::seven:
  2. :face_with_monocle::cat2:
  3. :mondo::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::1st_place_medal:
  4. :man_shrugging:t5:
  5. :checkered_flag::camera_flash: :heavy_plus_sign: :earth_africa::repeat:
  6. :bananadance:

What a nice way to collect answers for credit report identity questions to take out credit in other people’s names!

Nothing is personal here just like when you joined monzo in 2019. Your profile tells us.

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That’s when I joined the forum. Mostly for the fintech chat than monzo itself.

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True. When I tried to get an EE contract they were sure to ask me what I thought of Monzo pots as a way to verify my identity.

Jokes. They use actual verification methods.


It wouldn’t be enough information for that, but thanks for cheering me up :grin:

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  1. 2017
  2. Least expensive overseas spending, hoping for a proper Joint account
  3. Joint account
  4. Joint account
  5. Joint account
  6. Moar Joint account

Think that covers it in detail.


1.2017 (prepay card)
3.instant notifications, the ability to bank without any human interaction at all
4.payee management. It may have improved but I gave up in the end and use another account as my main.
5.as above.
6.international payments

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  1. 2016
  2. Travel and instant notifications :exploding_head:
  3. UI which is slowly getting better and functions
  4. Payee management :pensive:
  5. Payee management :soon:
  6. :hot_pepper:
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  1. 2017
  2. I had been wanting to switch from cash-based spending to contactless card spending for a while but didn’t like the delay between spending and transactions appearing in my account (of my old bank). Then I read about some new fintechs that provided instant transaction info when spending. One of which was Monzo.
  3. Instant transaction information and balance updating, transaction enrichment (merchant enrichment and notes), spending analytics.
  4. Customer service (lack of reliable phone support), lack of support for post office counter services, lack of support for cheque imaging, issue with how notes interact with bank transfer references.
  5. See 4
  6. I’d rather see issues highlighted in 4 addressed first, but other things I’d like to see include better international transfers, native IFTTT-like functionality, and credit card.
  1. Mid 2017
  2. Heard about it via word of mouth, wanted to give it a try. I like shiny things.
  3. Excellent app (instant notifications, merchant logos/info/spending history, budgeting tools like categories & ‘left to spend’ meter, upcoming payments visibility), no additional FX fees other than standard Mastercard rate, ‘get paid early’ feature
  4. New features being locked behind paywall, albeit I do pay for this. I’d rather not, but shiny. No desktop online banking. Cash difficult/painful to deposit and not free. No cheque scanning feature. General horror stories heard about accounts getting closed & support problems.
  5. Desktop online banking
  6. N/A
  1. 2018
  2. The honest answer to this was that I worked in retail and saw people paying with a “cool orange card”. I gave no thought at all to it aside from Googling “orange bank card” and opening an account for some of that hot coral goodness :sunglasses:
  3. Bills Pots, without a doubt!!
  4. Cash deposits, both the hassle (no pay point locations near me) and paying for it :woman_shrugging:
  5. The limit increase process - sadly I’ve not ever been in a position to spend £10k+ but I’ve seen the hassle and stress it causes for those it does impact and it’s super frustrating.
  6. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:
  1. 2018
  2. Budgeting, budgeting, budgeting
  3. Pots / bills pots, salary sorting and budgeting
  4. How Monzo-to-Monzo transfers can’t be excluded from summary
  5. Fix the above
  6. :new_moon_with_face:
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