When going back from a transaction's screen it auto scrolls up

Issue: I’m looking at my transactions. I click on one of them. It’s not the one I’m looking for, so I go back. It auto scrolls all the way up so I have to scroll down again to get to where I was in the transactions list.

Details to reproduce: in the screen with the list of transactions scroll down a bit. Click on one transaction. Go back. It auto scrolls up (to the most recent transaction).

OS: Android 10

Device: Galaxy S20

App Version: 3.58.0

Screenshots: I’d need a video for this, so none.

I can’t reproduce this.

If I scroll down the list of transactions for a while, then tap on a transaction, then tap on either the back-arrow (top-left) or the phone gesture-based ‘back’ (swipe left from right-hand side of screen or vice-versa), it takes me back to the same place in the transaction list - no auto-scroll to the top experienced.

Android 11, Pixel 5, :monzo:3.58.0 beta

Maybe try the uninstall the :monzo: app, restart device, download & install the :monzo: app & login dance? :bananadance:

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Thanks for the very quick reply. I tried force quitting the app, it didn’t fix the issue. Tried reinstalling, also didn’t fix. I will try to restart the phone now. Edit: restarted, still not fixed. I can upload a video to show the issue If that helps.

I’m using OneUI 2 from Samsung, could that make a difference?

Edit: video: https://youtu.be/lsvrFmEU33g

I’ve never had this problem with the main transactions list, but I always have had with the transactions list when you do a search under :android: It is my only major personal bugbear against the app

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Same. Before today-ish, I didn’t have this problem in the main transactions list. It’s something new for me.